Rate These Rom-Coms And We’ll Guess Your Relationship Status

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    Crazy, Stupid, Love

    • Loved It!
    • It Was Okay…
    • Not One Of The Best Rom-Coms
    • Possibly The Worst Movie Ever Made
  • Question of

    The 40-Year-Old Virgin

    • Funniest Movie Ever!
    • It Was Worth A Few Laughs
    • I Wasn’t Blown Away
    • Awful Movie
  • Question of

    27 Dresses

    • Loved It!
    • It Was Alright
    • Could Have Been A Lot Better
    • Worst. Movie. Ever.
  • Question of

    Sweet Home Alabama

    • This Movie Makes My Heart Feel Good
    • It’s Worth A Watch I Guess
    • Didn’t Live Up To The Hype
    • What Were They Thinking?
  • Question of

    Never Been Kissed

    • Best. Movie. Ever.
    • It Was Somewhat Enjoyable
    • Wasn’t Too Impressed
    • Watching This Is Torture
  • Question of

    La La Land

    • One Of The Best Movies I’ve Ever Seen
    • It’s A Solid Rom-Com
    • It Was Okay, But Not Worth The Hype
    • God-Awful Movie
  • Question of


    • Loved It!
    • It Was Good, But I Wasn’t Crazy About It
    • It Was A Little Hard To Watch
    • Cringiest Movie Ever
  • Question of

    About A Boy

    • Definitely One Of The Best Rom-Coms
    • It Was A Good Watch, But Ultimately Forgettable
    • I Really Don’t See Why Everyone Like This
    • Please Don’t Make Me Watch This Again…
  • Question of

    Silver Linings Playbook

    • An Excellent Romantic Comedy
    • An Average Romantic Comedy
    • One Of My Least Favorite Romantic Comedies
    • They Should Have Never Made This Movie
  • Question of

    Good Luck Chuck

    • Great Film!
    • Wish I Never Saw It
    • Some Of The Acting Was Okay
    • It Was Fun But I Wouldn’t Watch Again
  • Question of

    Little Black Book

    • I Loved This Movie!
    • It Was An Okay Rom-Com
    • It Was A Good Idea, But The Execution Was Off
    • I Hated It
  • Question of

    Failure To Launch

    • Loved It!
    • It Was An Average Rom-Com
    • I Was A Little Unimpressed
    • Hated It.
  • Question of


    • Such A Touching Film!
    • It Was Worth A Watch, I Guess
    • I Don’t See What The Fuss Is All About
    • Hated Every Minute
  • Question of

    Something’s Gotta Give

    • My Favorite Rom-Com!
    • It Was A Decent Movie
    • Meh
    • Never Watching It Again
  • Question of

    Chasing Amy

    • OMG Best Movie Ever!
    • Not A Bad Rom-Com
    • One Of The Worst Rom-Coms
    • I Can’t Stand This Movie
  • Question of

    Punch-Drunk Love

    • Such An Amazing Rom-Com!
    • It Was A Little Weird, But An Alright Movie
    • I Didn’t Really Get It
    • No Way Am I Ever Watching This Again
  • Question of

    Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

    • I Was Blown Away By This Movie
    • It Was Definitely Interesting, But Not One Of My Favorites
    • I Wasn’t Sure What To Make Of It
    • Terrible, Awful Movie
  • Question of

    Groundhog Day

    • One Of The Best Movies Of All Time
    • A Classic, But Not One Of My Favorites
    • Not Impressed
    • This Movie Really Annoys Me
  • Question of

    13 Going On 30

    • Such. A Good. Movie.
    • Worst. Movie. Ever.
    • Average
    • Not My Type Of Movie
  • Question of

    Say Anything…

    • This Movie Has A Special Place In My Heart
    • It Was An Okay Movie
    • It Wasn’t THAT Great…
    • Stupidest Movie Of All Time
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Rate These Rom-Coms And We’ll Guess Your Relationship Status

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