Should You Ask HIM Out?


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    When you talk to him, does he hold your gaze?

    • He looks at me, but not always into my eyes
    • Sometimes. He usually keeps looking at me when I talk, but he doesn’t stare at me
    • Never. He doesn’t seem to care
    • Kind of. He looks away often, though
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    Has he ever told you he likes you?

    • Maybe – he sort of skirted around the subject
    • Kind of. He flirts with me a lot, so I think he likes me
    • No, but I like him
    • No, he doesn’t even know my name
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    Do YOU think he’s Mr. Right?

    • Yeah. I like him, and he sort of likes me, too, I think
    • How could he? He doesn’t know me
    • Sometimes. He’s perfect…sometimes
    • I’m not sure – we don’t often talk
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    Do you enjoy spending time with him?

    • Yes. He’s funny when we go places together
    • Does the phone count as “spending time”?
    • He’s too busy to go somewhere alone with me
    • We only talk at school
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    What do you like best about him?

    • His friends (they’re all so hot!)
    • His body
    • His $
    • His personality
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    Are you two friends?

    • Not best friends, but we hang out together a lot
    • His friends are my friends
    • Not even close
    • No, he never talks to me
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    Has he hinted he wants to go out with you?

    • Maybe
    • Who wouldn’t?
    • I think so – he kind of flirts with me
    • No, I’ve only known him for a little while
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    Does he seem to find you attractive?

    • Everyone does
    • I don’t think so
    • Maybe
    • I don’t know. He compliments me often, though
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    If he asked you out right this second, would you say yes?

    • I don’t know, I’d have to think about it
    • Of course!
    • No, I don’t know him very well
    • Yeah, if he’d buy me whatever I wanted
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    Say he was a millionaire. How would you feel about him if he suddenly lost all his money?

    • Who needs him?
    • Depends on how he lost the money
    • Bummer. But I’d still like him
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    Do his friends ever tell you he likes you?

    • They might have hinted….
    • No, I don’t know his friends
    • Yeah, sometimes
    • Oh! That’s what they were saying?
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    Last one. Would you be afraid to ask him out?

    • Why, what have you heard?
    • A little nervous
    • No – I’ve asked guys out so many times
    • Whatever!

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