[10 QUESTIONS] Should I knit or crochet quiz?

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    You’re at the biggest craft store in the world. What are you most excited for?

    • Speckled yarn
    • Variegated yarn
    • ALL the yarn!
    • Where’s the fabric?
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    How much are you willing to spend on a skein of all-natural wool yarn?

    • $10
    • $15
    • $20
    • I’d rather buy wool fabric.
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    Are you organized? How do you store your yarn?

    • In boxes
    • It’s a tangled mess.
    • In a shelf, by color
    • I don’t own enough yarn to have separate storage.
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    When you travel, do you bring your crochet or knitting projects?

    • Always!
    • Yes, if I remember.
    • It depends on where I’m going.
    • No, I don’t.
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    If you could create the perfect skein of variegated yarn, what colors would you choose?

    • Red and orange
    • Blue and green
    • Black and white
    • Pink and purple
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    Do you feel more accomplished after making small projects? Or big projects?

    • I like the instant gratification of small projects.
    • I love making big projects.
    • I like them both!
    • It depends on what I’m making.
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    You have a 50% off coupon for the craft store. What do you buy?

    • Needles
    • Yarn basket
    • Yarn
    • Fabric
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    How often do you buy yarn? Be honest!

    • Every few months
    • Once a month
    • Twice a month
    • Once a week or more
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    What’s your favorite thing to do while working on a project?

    • Watch a movie or TV show
    • Listen to a podcast
    • Talk on the phone
    • Listen to music
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    Where do you like to make stuff?

    • On the porch
    • In bed
    • On the couch
    • At my desk

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