Should We Break Up, Or Stay Together?

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    Does your boyfriend/girlfriend make you happy? ???? ☹️

    • No
    • I guess so/I’m not sure
    • Yeah
    • Not really
    • Yes! He/She is the reason for my happiness!
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    Does he/she get excited when you talk to/text/see him/her? ???? ????

    • No
    • YEAH! They totally get freaked out in excitement whenever we see/talk to each other!
    • They HATE it whenever I see/talk to them!
    • Yeah! Isn’t that what’s supposed to happen?
    • I guess….I mean, they are either crying from joy or growling in frustration
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    If you say, ‘I love you,’ how does he/she respond?

    • ‘OK’
    • I ❤️ U (This is the lazy way – unless you both say it like this)
    • ????????????’I love you, too!’❤️????❤️
    • ‘I love you, too’
    • They don’t reply/They don’t say ‘I love you’ back
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    What’s the longest time you guys have gone without talking to/seeing each other????? ???? (If it’s a long distance relationship, just choose when you last Skyped/chatted.)

    • A week
    • One or two days
    • A year
    • One minute/One hour
    • We are always together, so, never????????????
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    Has he/she changed a lot since you guys started dating? ???? ????

    • I wouldn’t be able to tell if he/she did
    • No, he/she acts like the same old person I first met❤️????????
    • Yes, he/she changed a little
    • He/she is basically a whole different/new person!
    • Not really – he/she has corrected some bad habits, but nothing major
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    Does he/she seem to still love/like you the same?

    • He/She barely even likes me/only likes me a little
    • Yes! He/she actually seems to like me even more!
    • Yeah! Nothing has changed
    • He/she seems a little less interested
    • I wouldn’t be able to tell if they did
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    Does he/she put effort into your relationship?

    • Yes
    • No, not really????
    • I guess so….
    • Yeah! Of course! He/she loves me
    • No – not at ALL! ????????????????
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    What would he/she say if you were to ask, ‘Do you think we should break up?’?

    • ‘OK, I understand, but can we still be friends?’
    • ‘Please – we can fix this!’
    • ‘NOOOO!???????? Please! I’ll change! I just want to be with you! I loooove you!’
    • ‘FINE! But you’re making a big mistake in losing me!’
    • He/she wouldn’t care…they would be like, ‘Bia!’????✋✊
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    Who usually starts your conversations, makes plans, or starts texting/chatting first?

    • It’s usually them, but sometimes, it’s me
    • It’s a balanced relationship????????????
    • Neither one of us!
    • I don’t notice a pattern
    • It’s usually me, but sometimes, it’s them
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    Would you be willing to risk your life for him or her?

    • We both probably wouldn’t
    • Heck, no! I ain’t risking my life! I have a lot of time left to live!
    • I would for them, but I’m not sure they would for me
    • They would do it for me, but I’m not sure I would for them
    • YES! And he/she would do the same for me
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    What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

    • I wish I could go back to sleep.
    • It depends on the day.
    • I check my phone and social media.
    • My boo!
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    Have you ever been stood up by your SO?

    • All the time!
    • Maybe once or twice
    • I may have stood them up before.
    • Of course not
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    How often do you two text each other during the day?

    • Never
    • Once in a while
    • Too often
    • Whenever we feel like chatting
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    How hard is it to agree on where to go for dinner?

    • We don’t really like the same food, so it’s never easy.
    • Not too hard, but you never know!
    • Sometimes it’s a chore.
    • We love all the same stuff, so it’s not super hard.
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    Do you like to have people over for parties?

    • Not really my scene
    • Sometimes, sure!
    • I’d rather go out for that.
    • Love it!
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    Does your family like your partner?

    • Not at all
    • More or less
    • I’d guess they think my SO is just OK.
    • Maybe even more than I do …
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    Have you ever broken up with each other before?

    • A few times
    • No, but I’ve thought about it.
    • Once
    • Never
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    Where would the two of you most likely go on vacation together?

    • Meh, doesn’t matter
    • An island, maybe
    • Las Vegas
    • Disney World
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    What’s your opinion on couples costumes?

    • Yeah, no.
    • Not for me, I don’t think.
    • I’ve seen some cool ones.
    • I love them!
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    When’s the last time your partner did something super sweet out of the blue for you?

    • I can’t even remember.
    • Maybe a week or so ago
    • It’s been a little while.
    • Earlier today!

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