Should we break up?

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    Do you love him (I know this is a weird question but bare with me)?

    • I don’t know…
    • Of course I do!
    • I think so…
    • No……
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    Are you in love with him? (There’s a difference between love and in love lol)?

    • I already said I love him!
    • I’m pretty sure.
    • I don’t know anymore…
    • No….
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    Whenever you finish a conversation with him do you feel worse coming out of it then you did before you had it?

    • Yes! He says really mean things to me…
    • I don’t know I’m just a kinda “meh” person.
    • Yes. But it’s nothing that’s bad.
    • No! Talking to him puts me in a better mood!
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    How do you think he would react if you broke up with him?

    • He’d be mad at me and end up dating someone within a week.
    • He wouldn’t let me leave…
    • He’d be so heartbroken.
    • I don’t know cause id never break up with him.
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    What does he do when he gets mad at you? (TW, question 4)?

    • Nothing really happens. We rarely fight or get mad at each-other
    • He yells at me till I’m drained of energy
    • He never gets mad at me?
    • He physically hurts me in some way.
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    Does he love you?

    • Of course he does!
    • I don’t know anymore…
    • I don’t think he does anymore but I can’t leave him…
    • It seems like he does
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    Has he ever scared you?

    • Yes, but only as like a joking way
    • Yes… he does it often. I’m scared for what may happen if he gets anymore mad at me
    • Yes, he apologized after it was only meant to be a joke.
    • Yes, but he never apologized…
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    What does he get mad at you for?

    • The tiniest of things it can get really irritating at times.
    • Somethings but that’s normal in a relationship
    • Pretty much everything. I’m scared to even breathe at this point.
    • Nothing. We never fight.
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    Do you want to have a relationship with him?

    • Yes I do.
    • No but he won’t let me leave/ no but I don’t know how too
    • Of course I do! I love him!
    • I don’t know at this point.
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    Why did you take this test?

    • Just checking
    • I don’t know what to do anymore I really am scared for what’s going on between us right now…
    • Things with him have been a little toxic lately
    • I was bored lol
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    What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning?

    • I wish I could go back to sleep.
    • It depends on the day.
    • I check my phone and social media.
    • My boo!
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    Have you ever been stood up by your SO?

    • All the time!
    • Maybe once or twice
    • I may have stood them up before.
    • Of course not
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    How often do you two text each other during the day?

    • Never
    • Once in a while
    • Too often
    • Whenever we feel like chatting
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    How hard is it to agree on where to go for dinner?

    • We don’t really like the same food, so it’s never easy.
    • Not too hard, but you never know!
    • Sometimes it’s a chore.
    • We love all the same stuff, so it’s not super hard.
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    Do you like to have people over for parties?

    • Not really my scene
    • Sometimes, sure!
    • I’d rather go out for that.
    • Love it!
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    Does your family like your partner?

    • Not at all
    • More or less
    • I’d guess they think my SO is just OK.
    • Maybe even more than I do …
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    Have you ever broken up with each other before?

    • A few times
    • No, but I’ve thought about it.
    • Once
    • Never
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    Where would the two of you most likely go on vacation together?

    • Meh, doesn’t matter
    • An island, maybe
    • Las Vegas
    • Disney World
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    What’s your opinion on couples costumes?

    • Yeah, no.
    • Not for me, I don’t think.
    • I’ve seen some cool ones.
    • I love them!
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    When’s the last time your partner did something super sweet out of the blue for you?

    • I can’t even remember.
    • Maybe a week or so ago
    • It’s been a little while.
    • Earlier today!
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    Do you guys do a lot of activities together in the house like cooking and cleaning?

    • I do all of that stuff.
    • They do most of it.
    • Sometimes
    • Yes, we work well together.
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    Have you dropped the ‘L’ word on each other yet?

    • Not for a while
    • Well, one of us did.
    • Not yet
    • So many times!
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    Do you ever just go on a walk together for no reason?

    • Not that I can recall
    • Sometimes!
    • Once in a blue moon
    • All the time
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    Without asking, do you know your SO’s favorite meal?

    • Yeah, but I don’t like it.
    • I can’t recall.
    • Um. I think so.
    • Of course!
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    Your partner knows your birthday, right?

    • Good question
    • As far as I know
    • They forget sometimes.
    • Obviously
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    Are your musical tastes on the same page or do you dance to different beats?

    • We like different stuff.
    • Our tastes line up well.
    • Some of it meshes.
    • Heck yeah, we love all the same stuff.
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    Do the two of you like one anothers’ friends?

    • Ugh. No.
    • Most of them
    • I like some more than others.
    • We have all the same friends.
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    Has a good friend ever told you that your partner is a straight-up dud?

    • They used harsher words.
    • Not really
    • Heh. But also no.
    • Not a chance!
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    Is jealousy an issue in your relationship?

    • Constantly
    • Maybe a smidge
    • Just from one of us, but not often.
    • Never
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    Do you guys ever have date nights?

    • We do stuff almost every night.
    • Not really
    • Yeah, on weekends.
    • We try to schedule stuff when we can.

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