Should You Confess To Your Crush?


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  • Question of

    How much do you like him?

    • A bit, I guess?
    • Like? I LOVE him! He’s so cute, kind, funny, smart, hot…
    • I HATE HIM!
  • Question of

    Do you think he likes you back? (you may check out my “does he like me” quiz if you’re unsure!)

    • Yea, I’m pretty sure he doesss
    • Maybe?
    • No way!
  • Question of

    Does anyone else like him?

    • Are you kidding? He attracts girls like a flower attracts bees! (aka A LOT of girls like him)
    • Maybe one or two… or none
    • None:)
  • Question of

    In YOUR opinion, is he cute/hot/attractive?

    • EW, NO
    • It’s not just my opinion… there’s TONS of other girls who think so too!
    • I’m pretty sure it’s just me who cares about that?
  • Question of

    Which is closest to the way he thinks of you?

    • He hates me!
    • He likes me… at least as a friend
    • We’re just classmates?
  • Question of

    Is he friendly/affectionate?

    • Hell no!
    • He’s… decent?
  • Question of

    How close are you guys?

    • Uhm, classmates…
    • We’re like the north and south poles!
    • BFFS/friends
  • Question of

    Do you really want to take your relationship with him further?

    • Yes yes YESSSS!
    • Why would I want to do that?
    • I mean, there’s a few things in the way, but yea, of course!
  • Question of

    Do you think both you and him are ready for this?

    • Hell no!
    • Yep! I’m confident!
    • I don’t know
  • Question of

    LAST QUESTION: Are you CONFIDENT in ‘fessing up to him?

    • No..
    • I guess… we’ll have to see how this goes!
    • Heck yea! I’ve waited far too long!

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