Should you marry your current partner?

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    Do you love your partner no matter what?

    • Yes, always
    • Ha, no
    • It depends on the situation
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    When you two have an argument, how does it usually turn out?

    • We both talk it out and come to a compromise
    • Sometimes talk it out, sometimes never solve it.
    • We argue about it a week later
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    Do you both have the same values in life?

    • Yes.
    • Some things yes, and if we do not they respect me for that
    • Some things yes and if we do not, I have to change always
    • No, not a single thing.
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    Do you ever like other people and wish to be with them?

    • Never. I love my partner that much
    • Sometimes, but I would never cheat
    • Sometimes, I have considered cheating
    • Only all the time! We argue way too much
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    Do you have any children together or do you want any?

    • We have a child together/ want the same amount of children
    • We do not have a child/not sure if they want one or not
    • My partner wants children, I do not or vice Versa
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    Have you discussed marriage before?

    • We are actually engaged and have a few dates chosen
    • We have discussed it, but are not ready financially/emotionally yet
    • We have not discussed anything yet
    • He/she says they are not ready
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    Do you live together?

    • Yes, and we get along great
    • Yes, but we barely tolerate each other
    • No, but we stay the night and I miss them when they leave
    • Nope. We do not even spend the night together
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    Does their family like you?

    • They all love me but there’s always that one person
    • Most of them do, a few do not
    • All of them hate me
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    What’s one thing you cannot stand about your partner?

    • They always concerned about me when I am fine
    • They watch shows that I cannot stand
    • They like to lie to my face when I know the truth
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    Lastly, are YOU ready to get married to them?

    • Yes. For sure
    • Yes, but we are not quite financially ready yet
    • Sort of. We have to work on our relationship
    • No. I need to move on
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    Who does your significant other call first when they need advice?

    • They should call their mother.
    • They should call their father.
    • They should call their brother.
    • They should call their best friend.
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    Do your friends like them?

    • They are so happy that this person is in my life.
    • They get along really well.
    • They put up with my partner.
    • They don’t really care for this person.
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    Have you talked about what kind of house you want to buy in the future?

    • Yes, we have.
    • We’ve lightly discussed it.
    • We’ve talked about where we like to live.
    • No, we haven’t.
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    Do you have any important secrets you haven’t shared with this person?

    • No, we are very open with our communication and our lives.
    • We’ve discussed feelings that I haven’t known how to express yet.
    • We’ve discussed a few things that haven’t come up before.
    • I’ve kept a lot of my past from this person.
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    What kind of decisions have you consulted your partner on?

    • I discuss looking outside of our area for my career.
    • I got their opinion on buying furniture.
    • We’ve discussed whether or not I should keep someone as a friend.
    • We’ve discussed splitting a plate of nachos.
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    How was your extended trip with your lover?

    • It was a truly amazing experience, and I loved that they were my perfect travel buddy.
    • It was a lot of fun, and we didn’t get too tired of each other.
    • We’ve been on a few short trips that were great.
    • We haven’t gone on a trip together yet.
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    How often do you spend your spare time by yourself?

    • I have time to myself at least every other day.
    • I have time to myself at maybe once a week.
    • Every day I’m hanging out with myself.
    • Most of my spare time is alone.
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    When you are traveling on your own, how often do you talk to them?

    • I usually video chat with them every night to tell them about my day.
    • I call or text them almost every day.
    • I text them all day the whole time.
    • I talk to them once or twice while I’m gone.
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    If you are feeling lonely, what do you do?

    • I ask my partner if they can spend time with me.
    • I call or visit my romantic partner.
    • I hang out with my friends.
    • I browse dating profiles.
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    What is your favorite dinner date with them?

    • We love cooking together.
    • We love trying new takeout places.
    • My favorite date so far has been at this really fancy restaurant.
    • I love going out for wings and fries at our local bar.
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    How often do you laugh heartily around them?

    • I laugh at their silliness constantly.
    • I laugh at their silliness almost every day.
    • I laugh at their silliness once a week.
    • I don’t remember the last time I laughed with my partner.
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    Do you guys apologize to each other?

    • Yes, we are good at owning up to our mistakes.
    • We apologize to each other only after big fights.
    • Usually, we just get the other person a treat to apologize.
    • What would we have to apologize for?
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    What would you do if your partner felt that you didn’t give them enough attention?

    • I’d ask them how they felt I could improve.
    • I’d make an effort to spend more time with them for the next few weeks.
    • I’d give them more of my attention then.
    • I’d tell them they are being clingy.
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    How often do you go on dates?

    • We make time for each other everyday.
    • We go out at least once a week.
    • We go out a few times a month.
    • We go out once a month.
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    What would you do if your partner got their dream job in a different state?

    • I’d look at ways to achieve my dreams there.
    • I’d figure out how to do a long distance relationship with them.
    • I’d ask them to consider other jobs in our current state.
    • I’d be excited for them, but I’d also break up with them.
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    If your date were in an accident, how would you respond?

    • I’d get there immediately to make sure they are okay and help them with phone calls and family.
    • I’d be on the phone for support and ask them what I could do to help.
    • I’d make sure they were okay and let them handle things.
    • I’d help them if they asked for help.
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    Do you and your partner do everything together?

    • Definitely not, although I’m always happy to hear about their hobbies.
    • We have a lot of shared hobbies, so we do most things together.
    • We are together all the time.
    • We only do things together occasionally.
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    What is the biggest item you have purchased together?

    • We bought a bookshelf together.
    • We got a cat together.
    • We bought antiques together.
    • We bought a giant stuffed animal together.
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    How far ahead in your future have you guys discussed?

    • We’ve discussed plans at least ten years into the future?
    • We’ve discussed events up to two years away.
    • We have planned things for six months in the future.
    • We have planned things a month in the future.
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    How frequently do you ask your partner if they still like you?

    • Sometimes, when I’m mostly feeling down.
    • I don’t go looking for assurance from anyone.
    • Once in a while, I’ll ask them if they still care about me.
    • I ask for reassurance constantly.

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