Should you pursue boys?

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    Are you already friends?

    • Yes, besties!
    • Kind of
    • Not really
    • He doesn’t know I exist
    • It’s complicated
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    Do you have mutual friends?

    • A few
    • We don’t know any of the same people
    • Yes! We run in the same circles!
    • Maybe one
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    Do your friends approve?

    • Not really, they probably think we’d be better with other people.
    • Not at all. They always tell me how awful we are for each other
    • Yes! They try to set us up!
    • Yeah, if someone suggested it they’d probably think it was cool
    • Kind of, they only really think of us as friends.
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    Do you approve?

    • No, I could be convinced but not really
    • Not at all.
    • Maybe, but I’m open to other options
    • Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to try
    • Yes! He’s my dream. Any more moments without him would crush my spirit and abuse my soul
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    Is he a good influence?

    • Yes we always study together and make good grades
    • Not really. He doesn’t care about his grades/well being or mine.
    • Maybe, he’s kind of a distraction sometimes
    • Yeah, he wouldn’t peer pressure me into doing bad things
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    Would your parents approve?

    • I honestly have no idea
    • Probably they would just have to meet him
    • They would hate him immediately.
    • Yes, my parents know him and like him
    • They’d probably encourage me to find someone else
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    Have you had feelings for him in the past?

    • Not really. He never really crossed my mind.
    • Yeah, just once
    • Maybe, I didn’t think about him much like that
    • Yes, a few times/ for a while
    • I had feelings for him. Horrible feelings
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    Has he had feelings for you?

    • I really couldn’t say
    • It’s really unlikely
    • Yes!
    • He might have, someone might have mentioned it
    • Never. I know that for a fact.
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    Would dating ruin your friendship?

    • Probably, I think we could get past it though
    • No, we are barely friends so it wouldn’t matter
    • Maybe, we aren’t super close so it probably wouldn’t be a big deal
    • Not really, we don’t see each other that much so it probably wouldn’t be that bad
    • Yeah, he’s one of my closest friends and I would hate for it to be awkward between us.
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    Do you think you gave up to soon?

    • Maybe, but I don’t regret it much now
    • No, it’s better that it never happened
    • Yeah, I just didn’t know if it would be worth the time and energy
    • Probably not, he’s cool but I don’t need him in my life as an S/O
    • Yes, I was scared and I didn’t want to take the risk
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    What’s your current relationship status?

    • It’s complicated.
    • I’m single.
    • I’m divorced.
    • I’m already seeing someone.
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    If a guy wants to win you over, what SHOULDN’T he do?

    • Try to get me to commit too fast
    • Fail to laugh at my jokes
    • Show up late to dates
    • Borrow money from me
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    In your opinion, which of these fictional hotties can get it?

    • Sherlock Holmes
    • Joey Tribbiani
    • Mr. Darcy
    • Patrick Bateman
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    What would your ideal boyfriend give you for Valentine’s Day?

    • A book of Neruda poems
    • Tickets to see your favorite comedian
    • A horseback ride on the beach
    • A silk scarf that matches your eyes
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    How do you like guys to dress?

    • Sloppy but cool
    • I don’t really care?
    • In jeans and T-shirts
    • For success!
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    A nerdy guy asks you on a date. You say … ?

    • ‘Maybe. Let me check my calendar.’
    • ‘Sure, why not?’
    • ‘Sorry, but you’re not my type.’
    • ‘As if, you dumb nerd!’
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    Would you rather your partner have more romantic experience than you do or less romantic experience than you do?

    • Less. I’ve picked some real lemons.
    • More. I’m more innocent than I’d prefer.
    • Less. Let’s just say, I have some regrets.
    • More. I’m such a workaholic that my social life is anemic at best.
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    Imagine you’re buying a new couch. Which of these options appeals to you the most?

    • A reupholstered antique Mission settee
    • IKEA three-seater
    • A rustic leather sofa
    • Something sleek and black
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    Which musical genre do you hate?

    • Nu metal
    • Folk
    • Trance music
    • Country
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    Let’s say you have to date a mythological creature. Would you rather date a werewolf, a vampire, a merman or a centaur?

    • A werewolf
    • A merman
    • A centaur
    • A vampire

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