Should you tell him that you like him?


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    Does he look at you a lot?

    • Yes! All the time! He always stares!
    • Sometimes, but hardly ever
    • Occasionally, and it makes me so happy
    • Never. Never ever. Not once.
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    How often do you see him without having to go out of your way?

    • The only times I see him is when I go out of my way
    • Like, once a month, it’s terrible!
    • I see him everywhere! Unintentionally! What if he’s stalking me?
    • Here and there
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    Do you have his number? If so, does he text a lot?

    • No, I don’t have his number, although I would if I wasn’t too shy
    • Yea, and he texts me like once a month, it’s really depressing
    • Yea, I somehow got my hands on it, and he texts me a few times a day
    • Of course I have his number! He texts me ALL. THE. TIME.
    • He never texts! But he has my number! What’s happening?
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    Do you feel like he likes you?

    • I mean…I’m pretty sure
    • I really don’t know
    • Possibly but I think that’s just my hope talking there
    • 100% No
    • 100% YES! It’s obvious!
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    How often do you think about him? (These next few questions will be about whether or not you really like him, because sometimes telling them and knowing their true feelings is better than never telling them, but you have to be sure you like them first)

    • Occasionally
    • ALL. THE. TIME
    • Hardly ever, only when his name comes up
    • Never. Nope. I have better things to think about lol
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    Do you catch yourself straightening up when you’re about to see him?

    • Most of the time, what can I say? I wanna look good for him!
    • Never. Nope. Who cares what he thinks?
    • YES! It’s involuntary!
    • Meh, not that much
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    Do your friends ship?

    • They don’t think we should get together at all! (If this is the case, you need new friends, tsk tsk)
    • They talk about it, yea
    • They don’t really care that much
    • Yep! It’s a little unhealthy!
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    Why do you like him?

    • Don’t know, don’t care
    • His personality
    • His looks are the only thing that matter
    • I don’t like him, why am I even taking this quiz?
    • Everything about him just shines. I don’t care about his flaws, which I’m completely aware he has! It’s just like every part of him is perfect
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    (Last question about you) How do you know him

    • Family
    • Friends
    • He’s popular around school
    • Seen him around town
    • School
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    Does he tease you?

    • Occasionally
    • Yea, but I don’t think It’s because he likes me…
    • Yes! All the time!
    • Yea, but he does it to be mean, I’m sure!
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    Alright almost done! This is possibly the most important question…Do you think you love him?

    • I’ve been thinking about this and it’s a 100% yes
    • High possibility
    • 100% NO
    • I don’t think so

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