Can we guess whether you are Single or Not?


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    First, are you single or in a relationship?

    • I’m single and I’m glad to be so!
    • I’m in a wonderful relationship right now.
    • I am so very lonely.
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    If you’re single, are you glad?

    • Of course, I’ll always be!
    • What? No, it’s just, no one likes me.
    • I’m glad right now in my relationship but I can’t wait to get married one day!
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    It’s the day of your wedding–

    • Yes! who is it?
    • NO! Contrary to all of my dreams!
    • Oh yes! I already have my wedding dress / tuxedo!
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    Your boy/girlfriend breaks up with you!

    • What? Never! He wouldn’t do that! Right?
    • What boyfriend? I feel no difference!
    • I bet I’ll already be used to all the sadness and depression!
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    Your crush asks you out! You say–?

    • Absolutely not! Sorry, I really like you, but, never.
    • Oh! He already did that! How lovely it was!
    • Yes! Anything to take me out of my pain!
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    A totally cute stranger asks you out. You say–?

    • Is this a joke? I don’t even know you!
    • Sorry, but I’m already in an awesome relationship. But let’s be friends!
    • Of course! Let me get your phone number.
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    All of your friends and siblings are in relationships. You aren’t.

    • False! I am in a relationship.
    • So what? I love to be different. I’m happy this way!
    • Do you got to keep reminding me of my miserableness!
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    Would you like to live alone?

    • And be more lonely and depressed? I hope not!
    • Absolutely! Just finish school, buy a house, and get a dog! Freedom!
    • Not away from my future spouse and my future kids no!
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    Just wondering… does your crush acknowledge you?

    • Don’t got a crush! Well, maybe I do, but that doesn’t make any difference to me!
    • No! I need more money… to buy tissues…
    • Duh! We’re gonna get married one day, remember?
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    What are doing right now and planning on doing?

    • Huh? Hold on, texting my boy/girlfriend.
    • Rejoice my whole life while being single!
    • Mourn and stay depressed until I find the love of my life! That is, if I ever find him/her!

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