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    If you saw someone beating up an animal on the side of the road, what would you do?

    • Kick the animal! Beating up animals must be tiring.
    • Call for help.
    • Look away.
    • Throw your body over the animal to protect it.
    • Beat up the abuser.
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    You find money on the street, then a homeless person asks you for some money. What do you do?

    • Pretend you are broke.
    • Give them all of the money you have with you.
    • Give them a bit of money.
    • Ignore them.
    • Kick the person and walk away.
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    You accidentally push someone off a cliff. No one is around. What do you do?

    • Pretend nothing happened and walk away.
    • Throw yourself off the cliff.
    • Frame someone for the crime.
    • Turn yourself in.
    • Report the crime but not who did it.
  • Question of

    The people in your community get together to plan a retirement party. What is your contribution?

    • Crash the party just cause.
    • Spend days helping with the party.
    • None – it’s not my problem.
    • Bring enough food for a few people.
    • Make some food and bring it.
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    Is scientific experimentation on rabbits okay?

    • No – I have offered to take the place of many rabbits, but they won’t accept me.
    • Yes – if they can’t speak, they don’t matter.
    • No – it is cruel and unnecessary.
    • Yes – it’s not really my problem, anyways.
    • Yes – it is for the greater good of humanity.
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    Someone you don’t know starts crying because of a bully. What do you do?

    • Hunt down the bully and give him/her a talking to.
    • Find a teacher to deal with them.
    • Mock them for crying.
    • Walk away.
    • Comfort the person and lend them a shoulder to cry on.
  • Question of

    You find a stray dog outside of your house. What do you do?

    • Find an animal shelter to take care of it.
    • Take it in and give it a home with you.
    • Ignore it.
    • Throw stones at it.
    • Give it some food.
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    Your good friend asks you to cover for them at work, since they are sick. What do you do?

    • Go.
    • Try your hardest and go above and beyond at their job.
    • Go, and maybe put in a good word while you are there.
    • Go to their work and tell their boss that they are out partying.
    • Pretend to forget.
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    You fill in for a friend at work, but you do too good of a job. The boss fires your friend to hire you instead. What do you do?

    • Give the job back to your friend.
    • Apologize to the friend but take the job – you need the money.
    • Unfriend the “friend”
    • Give the new job and your old job to the friend. You just love them that much.
    • Mock the friend then ask for a pay-raise at your new job.
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    An old lady collapses in the middle of a street. You are on a motorcycle at the front of the light. The light is about to turn green. What do you do?

    • Run and carry the lady to safety while dodging cars.
    • Quickly help the lady up.
    • Run her over. She doesn’t have long to live, anyways.
    • Honk.
    • Go slowly and see if anyone else runs her over.

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