Take This Gilmore Girls Quiz And We’ll Reveal Which Boyfriend Would Marry You!

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    Would you rather live in a small town or a big city?

    • Small town
    • A big, European city
    • A quirky city, like San Francisco
    • The suburbs
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    What’s your coffee order at Lukes?

    • Coffee, black
    • Vanilla latte
    • Soy chai
    • Espresso
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    Would you stay up all night for a dance-a-thon?

    • It’s a nice thing for the town, so sure.
    • There are better reasons to stay up all night…
    • How about we just give them the money without having to dance?
    • That’s… just weird.
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    How well do you know your neighbors?

    • I’m always happy to lend a cup of sugar
    • I’d rather just be left alone
    • It depends on the neighbor!
    • We’re friendly, not friends.
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    Could you cope with Luke’s no-phone rule?

    • Meh, I’m fine with it.
    • I would ignore it. I need my phone!
    • I mostly text, anyway
    • I would put up with it, but I wouldn’t like it.
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    Describe your friend group.

    • I’m a loner
    • I mostly have male friends
    • I have a lot of girlfriends
    • I just have a couple really good friends
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    Do you want to have babies?

    • I want a huge family
    • I’d like one or two kids
    • I’m not sure how I feel yet
    • Definite no to kids
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    What’s your go-to karaoke song?

    • No karaoke for me
    • Some silly pop hit
    • Love song, every time
    • Some classic rock to belt out
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    How do you feel about public speaking?

    • NOPE. Cannot do it
    • I love it – I thrive under pressure
    • I’d do it, but I wouldn’t enjoy it
    • I give speeches all the time
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    What kind of dog would you have?

    • A big family dog, like a golden retriever
    • A mid-sized mutt from the shelter
    • A pug or frenchie
    • Not sure I really want a dog…
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    What kind of car do you drive?

    • An old truck
    • A prius or tesla
    • I don’t have a car
    • A practical sedan

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Take This Gilmore Girls Quiz And We’ll Reveal Which Boyfriend Would Marry You!