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Today we will be discussing an important topic How much of a TV couch potato are you? Our modern lives have turned us into couch potatoes. There has been a massive spike in the number of obese people in U.S.A. The obvious reason is the rise in number of junk food centers like KFC, Dominos, Mc Donalds etc. It is one of the most disheartening facts about modern life. We need to know this that those big companies will never think about your health. You may argue that these food items are approved by the FDA.

While it is true that they follow their guidelines but their guidelines were never made keeping in mind your long term health. The fact is that these food giants pay tons of taxes to the government. Everyone else is winning except you. Please keep in mind that your health is in your hands. Moreover, this new concept of binge-watching is just absolute trash. In that case also everyone else is winning except you. You need to think from the point of view of businesses.

There are many different aspects of business and each aspect could teach you something worthwhile in life. For example, it could teach you that running after money is of no use instead you could run after building your assets. Binge-watching is one of the major reasons why people are getting obese and there is also a spike in heart-attacks at an early age, cancer and other such things. Packaged foods are no better than slow poison. If you are an extreme consumer of this type of food then rest assured you would face many severe consequences.

I hope you will get something out of it.I hope you liked my short article. If you have any insights into the topic then feel free to share it down into the comments section below. Play the quiz as well and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. I hope to see you in my next article.

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  • Question of

    Which of these series have you already completed?

    • ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’
    • ‘Mad Men’
    • ‘Lost’
    • All of the shows listed here
  • Question of

    Which show are you all caught up on and you can’t wait for more?

    • I wait until the season is over before watching the first episode of anything.
    • ‘Game of Thrones’
    • ‘The Goldbergs’
    • ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’
  • Question of

    Did you enjoy binge-watching ‘Orange Is the New Black’?

    • No, it wasn’t that great to me.
    • Yes, but I didn’t pay attention much.
    • I didn’t like the last two seasons.
    • Yes, it was amazing.
  • Question of

    If a show is based on a book, when do you read the book?

    • Before I watch the series
    • When I’m waiting for the next season
    • Never
    • Only when my friends recommend it
  • Question of

    Let’s talk about when you binge. When are you most likely to watch the show you’re binge-watching?

    • When I get home from work
    • Every spare second I have until it’s done
    • Only on the weekends
    • When my watching partner is over
  • Question of

    Have you ever lost time while binge-watching?

    • Yes, but it’s rare
    • Yes, every time I binge
    • Never
    • Only once
  • Question of

    Have you ever binge-watched something so much, you forgot what happened?

    • Yes, and I don’t like that.
    • Yes, it happens all the time.
    • Yes, but I don’t pay attention when I’m binging.
    • No, I like to pay attention.
  • Question of

    How long do you hold your pee while you’re binge-watching something?

    • Until the end of the episode
    • Until I can’t take it anymore
    • Until the end of the scene
    • I don’t hold it.
  • Question of

    Which days of the week are you most likely to binge-watch a show?

    • Monday through Friday
    • Monday through Sunday
    • Friday through Sunday
    • Whenever I’m way into it
  • Question of

    What is most likely being eaten while you binge?

    • Dinner
    • The fastest thing I can cook
    • Popcorn
    • An entire feast
  • Question of

    What do you wear when you binge?

    • Comfy pants
    • Nothing
    • Nightgown
    • An old T-shirt
  • Question of

    Do you lay on your couch while you binge, or do you sit up?

    • It depends on how suspenseful the show is.
    • It depends on how much I want to pay attention to the show.
    • I lay down, of course.
    • I sit up, because I want to pay attention.
  • Question of

    Do you think what you eat when you binge is important?

    • No, but it’s good to have something to eat.
    • Not at all
    • I don’t mind either way.
    • Yes, it makes the experience better.
  • Question of

    What are you doing when you binge-watch something?

    • Embroidery, knitting, something with my hands
    • Eating
    • Playing on my phone
    • Just watching the show
  • Question of

    Do you ever binge with anyone?

    • Yes, but only people who can make it on time
    • No, people can’t keep up with me.
    • Yes, but I will watch it without them.
    • Yes, and I will NEVER watch without them.

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