Tell Us About Your Boyfriend, And We’ll Reveal If He Really Loves You

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    Does he get along with your siblings?

    • Not even a little bit
    • Like another family member
    • They have known him since we were little
    • They have so many questions still
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    How often do you see him a week?

    • Once if I’m lucky
    • Twice maybe
    • Three to five times
    • More than five times
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    Do his parents like you?

    • I barely talk to them. I think they hate me
    • Yes! I’m like another child to them!
    • I haven’t met them yet
    • They loved me even before we had met
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    How does he act in front of your friends?

    • He’s a total saint in front of them
    • He treats them like his best friends
    • He’s pretty rude to them
    • We have all the same friends
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    Do you talk about having children?

    • Nope. He gets weird about it.
    • Yes. He loves the idea of it.
    • We are still children ourselves
    • He IS a child
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    How does he react to the word marriage?

    • He freaks out
    • He actually likes when it’s brought up
    • Covers his ears
    • We haven’t discussed it
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    Do you guys have a song?

    • Of course we do!
    • No we don’t
    • We have so many. We even dress up and perform them
    • Not yet, I’m waiting for the perfect one
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    Do you travel together?

    • Never
    • All the time
    • We’ve gone with a few groups of friends
    • We are planning a trip next month
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    Do you have a lot of things in common?

    • So many things it’s scary
    • We have a bunch of things in common
    • Maybe something here and there
    • Not really
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    Do you think he wants to marry you?

    • Yes!
    • I’m not so sure
    • He has never mentioned it
    • We’ve been told we were supposed to be married since we were young
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    Where did you meet?

    • At a bar
    • I don’t remember
    • We grew up together
    • At school
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    You went out to dinner, who pays the check?

    • I do
    • We go Dutch
    • He does
    • We don’t go out
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    What does your best friend say about him?

    • My best friend can’t say better things about him
    • My best friend isn’t so keen on him
    • He is my only friend
    • They are just starting to get to know him
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    Does he kiss you in public?

    • No, he’s weird about that
    • All the time!
    • On the cheek only
    • We hold hands and occasionally kiss

Tell Us About Your Boyfriend, And We’ll Reveal If He Really Loves You

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