Tell Us What These Spells Do And We’ll Reveal Which Harry Potter Wizard You Are!

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    What is a Teleportation Spell used for?

    • Make a phone call from anywhere
    • Lift people off the ground
    • Vanish objects and make them appear elsewhere
    • Activate the sorcerer’s stone
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    What does the Crucio curse do?

    • Bring death to a wizard
    • Inflict the pain of a thousand hot knives
    • Make an enemy disappear into thin air
    • Turn a wizard into a snake
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    Can you say what the Cushioning Charm is for?

    • Give an opponent temporary sickness
    • Make clothes more comfortable
    • Fills a room with bouncy balls
    • Reduce fall impact
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    What does Descendo do?

    • Make target move downwards
    • Cause memory loss
    • Cook food
    • Make bed
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    What is Expecto Patronum used for?

    • Activate the Sorcerer’s Stone
    • Save someone from being petrified
    • Defense against the Avada Kedavra
    • Defense against dark creatures
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    What is the Expelliarmus’ purpose?

    • Unlock door or window
    • Disarm an opponent
    • Reveal secrets from the Marauder’s Map
    • Counter-act the effects of a spell
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    What does the Avada Kedavra do?

    • Open any lock
    • Bring death to whoever it hits
    • Turn a wizard into stone
    • Temporarily blind an opponent
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    Can you tell us what a Horcrux is used for?

    • Seal an opponent’s lips
    • Make the room dark
    • Summon a Dementor
    • Immortality
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    What’s the purpose of Immobulus?

    • Make the room cold
    • Summon the night train
    • Freeze an enemy in place
    • Repair a broken bone
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    What does Lumos Solem do?

    • Block out the sun
    • Temporarily blind an opponent
    • Create a powerful ray of light
    • Grow a plant
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    What does the spell Aberto do?

    • Open objects like doors or windows
    • Temporarily confuse opponent
    • Bring light to the room
    • Make a small flame
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    Why would a wizard cast Mobiliarbus?

    • Impair a subject’s mobility
    • Freeze an opponent
    • Levitates and moves objects
    • Make a long-distance call
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    What is Molly Weasley’s Curse’s purpose?

    • Similar to the Reducto curse
    • Similar to the Oculus Reparo curse
    • Similar to the Descendo spell
    • Similar to the Avada Kedavra spell
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    What is the Nox spell for?

    • Place a curse that makes a subject sick for weeks
    • Reveal the contents of the Marauder’s Map
    • Turn into a wolf
    • Turn off lights from Lumos

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Tell Us What These Spells Do And We’ll Reveal Which Harry Potter Wizard You Are!