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    Are you a perfectionist and only expect the best from yourself?

    • Yes very much so
    • I mostly do but sometimes I don’t care
    • I try but I also know that life will get in the way
    • No not really, I take it as it comes
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    Do you want to perform up to your ability (creative endeavors, artistic skills)?

    • Yes I always do and mostly succeed
    • I really want to but something is in the way
    • I would like that but often I get distracted
    • This is (almost) impossible, I can’t see how
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    Do you think that you have to give so much more?

    • I already pretty much give everything I have, on most days anyway
    • Yes I feel that I have some hidden treasures
    • Well, it’s not so easy as there is so much going on in my life
    • I would love to but don’t know how
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    Do you feel that you are not good enough to be the artist you feel deep inside you are meant to be?

    • Sadly yes
    • Don’t know, never looked at it like that
    • Yes sometimes I think this is true
    • Not at all, I know my value and express myself fully
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    Do you sometimes feel sorry for yourself or for lost opportunities?

    • That happens frequently, I regret a few things
    • I don’t like to admit it but I guess so
    • Mostly I don’t but it can happen
    • Don’t think so, I am pretty happy with where I am
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    Someone tells you that you are good enough but you don’t believe it?

    • Why would I not believe it? I am awesome!
    • Yes that happens to me a lot
    • This does sound familiar
    • Actually I think this does happen but very seldom
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    Are you facing difficulties in your self-expression as an artist?

    • My art and creative power are exactly what I want them to be
    • I think there is room for improvement although I am basically fine
    • Often I long for expressing myself more fully
    • I was told so but I don’t see it myself. Probably I can get better.
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    Are you afraid of (not) getting the approval?

    • I don’t know that kind of fear as my self-consciousness is pretty healthy
    • It freaks me out, each time I am afraid of it
    • It has happened in the past although it is no big deal anymore
    • It will happen sometimes although it really depends on the situation
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    Do you realize how amazing you are?

    • I am conscious of that and people told me on various occasions
    • If someone told me that I wouldn’t fully believe it
    • Basically I do but there are moments of doubt
    • I’m not that important
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    I am conscious of that and people told me on various occasions

    • Yes I do always strive for better and clearly see my progress
    • I have tried so many things but nothing has really made the difference
    • There is that tendency in me although I don’t always see the progress nor can I acknowledge my achievements
    • I know that I work hard at times but I am too humble to admit how much I have achieved
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    Do you try to please others and don’t please yourself?

    • I know how to be myself at all times
    • I have not reached that ability to act despite of other people’s opinion
    • Sometimes I try to please people but mostly I don’t
    • Sounds very familiar
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    Do you want to let go of other people’s opinions?

    • Yes very much so. They are in the way of my creative process.
    • That’s not an issue, people will always say what they say. No problem for me.
    • Sometimes other people’s opinion bothers me but mostly I’m okay
    • If I could I would but don’t see how
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    Do you associate with your art so strongly that you feel personally rejected if someone criticizes you?

    • I am my art. If someone rejects it I feel rejected.
    • I sometimes have problems with that, it can through me off-balance
    • I know what you mean though I can pretty much handle it. I find it even inspiring at times.
    • I welcome criticism as it improves my art (and you can never please everybody!)

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