The Game of Life: How good a player are you?


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    What would you do if you have to attend a class by a teacher whom you really hate (and who hates you back equally)?

    • Irritate the teacher till he/she kicks you out of class, or decides to leave the classroom himself/herself.
    • Attend class but sit in the last bench, so that the noisy lessons won’t disturb your slumber.
    • Bunk. What’s the big deal?
    • Excuse yourself from class in order to go home and brush your teeth.
    • Attend class sincerely. It’s a matter that will decide your future.
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    If you were stranded on an island, What would you choose to take out of the following?

    • Toothpaste.
    • My phone.
    • A water purification system.
    • Dad’s purse.
    • Potassium cyanide.
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    Are you fed up with life?

    • Life without toothpaste can be a drag.
    • Yes, but I’ll try to make it more interesting.
    • Yes, because of you.
    • No, I’m enjoying it to the fullest.
    • Sort of. I don’t know where I’m going.
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    Why are you taking this quiz?

    • It is interesting.
    • Because I’m mad.
    • I got kicked out of school/work because I didn’t brush my teeth.
    • I was wondering exactly the same thing.
    • I have nothing better to do.
  • Question of

    You wake up in the middle of the night and you feel absolutely hungry. You…

    • Wake your mom up.
    • Cook and eat by yourself.
    • Search the refrigerator for available tit-bits.
    • Eat toothpaste.
    • Try to get back to sleep because you are too lazy to get up.
  • Question of

    You get up in the morning and find that your toothpaste is over. But you really need to get ready for school/office in two minutes. What do you do?

    • Borrow toothpaste from your neighbour.
    • Kill yourself because life is filled with obstacles that make each living moment a horror.
    • Don’t brush. Who’s going to know anyway?
    • Get toothpaste on the way to school/work and brush on the way.
    • Try chewing gum or mints.
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    You get up in the morning and open your bedroom door and see a vampire sanding outside. What do you do?

    • Call mamma. Scream.
    • You’d call the police if you could, but that requires activation of locomotors abilities, which appear to be temporarily suspended.
    • Ask him “Why are you standing outside?”
    • Sympathize with him for having teeth too large hat might make brushing difficult.
    • Close the door in his face.
  • Question of

    You have a really important test tomorrow but there is something you can’t afford to miss watching on TV. You…

    • Who wants to watch TV or study? All I want to do is BRUSH-MY-TEETH.
    • Do both at the same time.
    • Watch the TV programme. You’ll have many more ‘really important’ tests.
    • Grumble about it to your mom and finally sit down to study, cursing the person who developed examinations, and try to sneak up in between to watch TV.
    • Sit and study.
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    You realize you are going to die in 10 minutes. What are you most likely to do?

    • Brush. I didn’t brush in the morning!
    • Curse everything and everyone around you. How could life be so cruel to you?
    • Pray for world peace.
    • Mom, can I watch TV or 10 minutes?
    • Call up friends.
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    You collapse in the middle of the road. Where would you like to find yourself when you wake up?

    • At home, on my bed.
    • How embarrassing! I don’t want to collapse! If I ever do, I wish I’d never wake up.
    • In that really cute doctor’s clinic.
    • Inside a toothpaste tube.
    • Heaven.
  • Question of

    If it was your 100th birthday today, what would your ideal birthday gift be?

    • Toothpaste.
    • Death.
    • Hair dye.
    • I wouldn’t tell anyone if I was 100.
    • Walking stick.
  • Question of

    What would be the toughest decision of your life?

    • What should I wear today?
    • Choosing your soul mate.
    • Choosing a career.
    • Should I live?
    • Toothpaste- there are so many brands to choose from.

What percent optimistic are you?

How shy are you?