The Quiz For Hardcore Harry Potter Fans

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    What is it called when a dementor sucks out your soul?

    • The dementor death
    • The dementor’s kiss
    • The dementor touch
    • The dementor strangle
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    How are Deatheaters identified?

    • A tattoo
    • A special necklace
    • A pocket radio
    • A brain chip
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    How did Voldemort make himself immortal?

    • Freezes his cells for regrowth
    • Creates Horcruxes
    • Drinks unicorn blood
    • Created an immortality shield
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    What does Hagrid use to get around

    • A hot air balloon
    • A tamed dragon
    • He flew
    • A flying motorcycle
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    What animal can Professor McGonagall transform into?

    • A cat
    • An owl
    • A mouse
    • A bird
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    Why is Snape’s patronus significant?

    • It was the same as Harry’s
    • It was the same as Dumbledore’s
    • It was the same as Lily’s
    • It was the same as James’
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    What is the name of Harry’s adoptive family?

    • The Dudleys
    • The Dursleys
    • The Grummers
    • The Smiths
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    How can Harry look at Dumbledore’s memories?

    • The patronus
    • The pensive
    • The time-turner
    • The invisibility cloak
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    What Triwizard champion does Hermione take to the Yule Ball?

    • Harry Potter
    • Cedric Diggory
    • Barty Crouch
    • Viktor Krum
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    Who is Tom Riddle?

    • Voldemort
    • A Ravenclaw student
    • A substitute teacher at Hogwarts
    • An ex-Quidditch player
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    What kind of pet does Harry Potter have?

    • A cat
    • A bird
    • An owl
    • A fish
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    What was the first test of the Triwizard Championship?

    • Dragons
    • Dementors
    • Deatheaters
    • A chimera
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    Where do Aurors work?

    • At home
    • In the Magical Police Station
    • At the Ministry of Magic
    • At Hogwarts
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    Were James Potter and Severus Snape friends at Hogwarts?

    • They were friends
    • They were enemies
    • Nobody knows
    • They were frenemies
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    Who was Harry’s first girlfriend?

    • Hermione Granger
    • Luna Lovegood
    • Ginny Weasley
    • Cho Chang

The Quiz For Hardcore Harry Potter Fans

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