The Real Harry Potter Trivia Quiz

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    Boggarts, in the Harry Potter books, are creatures that transform into an apparition of your greatest fear. In Northern England, where the boggart legend originated, what were boggarts?

    • Burrowing demons
    • Deformed garden gnomes
    • Malicious house spirits
    • Shapeshifters
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    Parts of quite a few plants and creatures are mentioned as potion ingredients. Which potion contributor is not real?

    • Boomslang
    • Flobberworm
    • Asphodel
    • Dittany
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    One of the centaurs that Harry meets in the Forbidden Forest is named Firenze. What is the significance of this name?

    • It is the name of a person who wrote about centaurs
    • It is the name of a famous philosopher
    • It is the name of a city of learning
    • It is the name of a famous alchemist
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    One potion ingredient is the bezoar, supposedly found in the stomach of a goat. Is this a real item?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Harry learns that the Grim, a huge black dog, is an apparition that foretells death. The Grim has been a part of Yorkshire tales for many years. What is it known as in Yorkshire?

    • Hell hound
    • Barghest
    • Bain sidhe
    • Druid’s dog
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    The grindylow, a water demon, is a part of Yorkshire folklore, like many of the creatures in the Potter series. In the Yorkshire tales, what was the grindylow known for?

    • Eating children
    • Making an awful noise
    • Drowning livestock
    • Poisoning water supplies
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    The basilisk that Harry faced differed from the mythological portrayal of its kind in several respects. What was one of these differences?

    • Its reptilian appearance
    • Its reaction to a rooster’s crow
    • Its size
    • Its deadly gaze
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    From what literary work is the spider Aragog likely to have derived his name?

    • Macbeth
    • The Bible
    • Aesop’s Fables
    • The Lord of the Rings
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    Beauxbatons Academy is probably located in France. What does its name mean?

    • Beautiful sticks
    • Fine bats
    • Handsome grooms
    • Good teachers
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    Sirius Black is named after what dog-related object?

    • A star
    • The moon
    • A species of wild dog
    • A breed of dog
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    The pus-filled bubotubers take their name from what deadly disease?

    • Gangrene
    • Leprosy
    • Plague
    • Cancer
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    Dumbledore’s phoenix is named Fawkes. What did the real Fawkes do?

    • Murdered someone
    • Cured disease
    • Saved many people from a fire
    • Attempted bombing
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    The caretaker of Hogwarts is named Argus Filch. Why is this name appropriate?

    • Argus was a cleaning man
    • Argus liked to spy on others
    • Argus had a nasty temper
    • Argus had many eyes
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    Was there a real Nicolas Flamel?

    • Yes
    • No
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    Hedwig, Harry’s snowy owl, is named after a what?

    • Norse owl god
    • Saint
    • Author of magical books
    • Aviator

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