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    You must be 16 or older to answer this question: You are home alone. There is absolutely nothing to do except for watch tv. There is something wrong with the tv and it only shows 2 channels. One of the channels is showing a special on why the ABC’s start with an A. The other channel shows a lot of nudity and intercourse. What do you watch?

    • I watch the second one. Anything is better then watching the ABC’s.
    • I watch the first one. I will not participate in the other one until I’m ready to have kids.
    • I’m under 16
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    What do you think of horror movies?

    • I have never seen one. Mommy says that they might cause me nightmares.
    • I watch them.
    • I don’t like them, they are so predictable.
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    Your older sister (who’s 22) is out on a date with her boyfriend of 4 years. You are in her room and you find some birth controls, how do you react?

    • I didn’t know she was doing it. But now I know.
    • She’s using the pills for PMS, my sister knows better then to do it. She knows that she will get pregnant. If she gets pregnant she’s not my sister anymore. I hate her now. I can’t believe that she is such a slut. I’m serious, I hate her now, she’s not my sister anymore.
    • I suspected that she was doing it, now I got proof.
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    What do you think of online chat rooms or message boards?

    • According to research, they are an entertaining way to pass time
    • They are evil. ALL on people on them are RAPIST, stay away.
    • They are ok. Some people are crazy on them, others are not.
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    You and your friends are at a party. There is this guy who is ok. You don’t really like him but you don’t hate him either. He sees that you are a little bored and he asks you to dance, no strings attached. What do you do?

    • One dance has never hurt anyone so why not
    • No, that guy has a crush on me, same me. I hate him, I can’t believe that he likes me.
    • Don’t dance with him. I’d rather be bored.
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    A random classmate/work partner says hi to you while passing by, what do you do and why?

    • Don’t say anything, he’s not one of my buddies
    • Say hi, he’s just being nice
    • Melt, he finally noticed me, he loves me.
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    You are really really bored and you remember that you haven’t talked to your best friend in weeks. There is nothing new in your life at this time. Do you call your friend(s) to see if their is anything new in their life(lives)?

    • No. I just wait until they call me, even if it takes a year.
    • Yes, if I’m bored then I call them, we might discuss what to do this weekend.
    • I hesitate and then call. You don’t need life changing news to call your friends, you could just talk to them about their lives.
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    All of your friends make fun of you for watching animated movies. When someone who you haven’t talked to in a long time calls you and asks you what kind of movies do you like to watch, what do you tell them?

    • I watch animated flicks. I’m currently watching Cinderella and daddy says he will give me Snow White for Christmas. I can’t wait.
    • I like anything from comedy to horror. If the movie is good then I’ll watch it.
    • I don’t watch TV, ever.
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    When your friends are talking to you what do you do?

    • I zoom out and go to lala land.
    • I listen to them and then I talk. We have that thing called a “Conversation”.
    • Listen but not interact.
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    Someone at school or work says that you look really ugly, what do you do?

    • I transfer to a new school or quit my job.
    • I ignore them completely. I know that I’m drop dead beautiful.
    • I get my feelings a little hurt but I never ever show it.

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