The Ultimate ‘That ’70s Show’ Quiz

It was during the 1970s television programs that television truly pushed the boundaries of what could be broadcast. Following your choices, as well as votes from other television lovers, this list of the top television series from the 1970s rates the shows of the decade from best to worst. Social commentary was woven into the plots of popular 1970s television shows such as All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Maude, and Sanford and Son, which helped to transform television into what it is today. These shows stretched the boundaries of what could be addressed on television to greater heights than they had previously been. Later decades would see the introduction of topics like as poverty, racism, abortion, rape, and abuse, which would serve as the foundation for what programs could get away with and discuss in the future.

Aside from The Brady Bunch and Three’s Company, lighter sitcoms such as The Brady Bunch and Laverne & Shirley were also great blockbusters owing to their high level of amusement. It was also highly popular to watch action television shows in the 1970s, with series such as Charlie’s Angels, Ironside, and The Six Million Dollar Man pulling in large audiences. Variety programs, such as the enormous smash The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, made their impact on the television landscape as well.

What are some of your favorite ’70s television shows? Which of the best television programs from the 1970s will be remembered for years to come? In this list, you’ll find the most highly rated and most talked-about series that aired throughout the 1970s, so vote for your favorite shows from the decade.

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  • Question of

    Which character on the show absolutely loves “Star Wars”?

    • Kelso
    • Hyde
    • Jackie
    • Eric
  • Question of

    What were the first words that Donna ever said to Eric when they were kids?

    • “Go away butthead.”
    • “What are you looking at, string bean?”
    • “You have something on your face.”
    • “You’re so cute.”
  • Question of

    What is Donna’s radio personality name after she gets hired?

    • Groovy Donna
    • Hot Donna
    • Crazy Donna
    • Silly Donna
  • Question of

    Jackie has dated everyone except for?

    • Fez
    • Kelso
    • Eric
    • Hyde
  • Question of

    What does Eric say right before his grandmother’s passing?

    • “I love you.”
    • “You did your best.”
    • “It wouldn’t kill you to be nice.”
    • “I’m sorry.”
  • Question of

    What was Laurie born with?

    • An extra toe
    • A cleft palate
    • Forked tongue
    • A tail
  • Question of

    What was the name of Fez’s ex-girlfriend that used to stalk him?

    • Caroline
    • Kimberly
    • Julie
    • Jennifer
  • Question of

    In the “Class Picture” Episode, what were Eric’s friends making fun of him about?

    • His bad luck with females
    • His pimples
    • His smile
    • His nicknames
  • Question of

    When Eric and Donna go all the way for the first time, where does it occur?

    • In the radio station
    • During a movie
    • After a concert
    • At Midge and Bob’s second wedding
  • Question of

    Donna found some panties in Eric’s car. Who did they belong to?

    • Laurie
    • Midge
    • Fez
    • Jackie
  • Question of

    What does Hyde draw on Jackie’s face after she passes out in the episode “Tornado Prom”?

    • A male body part
    • A mono-brow
    • The word “loser”
    • A mustache
  • Question of

    What is Fez’s costume in his first trick-or-treating Halloween?

    • A teddy bear
    • Batman
    • Spiderman
    • He dresses as a woman
  • Question of

    What is Donna’s cat’s name?

    • Mr. Bailey
    • Mr. Giggly
    • Mr. Bonkers
    • Mr. Beegle
  • Question of

    What is the name that Kelso gave the egg that Jackie gave him to take care of?

    • Lego Eggo
    • Eggy
    • Eggman
    • Mr. Egg
  • Question of

    What does Eric get a tattoo of one time after drinking too much?

    • “Debbie.”
    • Woodstock
    • “I love you Donna.”
    • “I love Red.”

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