The Ultimate ‘That ’70s Show’ Quiz

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    Which character on the show absolutely loves “Star Wars”?

    • Kelso
    • Hyde
    • Jackie
    • Eric
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    What were the first words that Donna ever said to Eric when they were kids?

    • “Go away butthead.”
    • “What are you looking at, string bean?”
    • “You have something on your face.”
    • “You’re so cute.”
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    What is Donna’s radio personality name after she gets hired?

    • Groovy Donna
    • Hot Donna
    • Crazy Donna
    • Silly Donna
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    Jackie has dated everyone except for?

    • Fez
    • Kelso
    • Eric
    • Hyde
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    What does Eric say right before his grandmother’s passing?

    • “I love you.”
    • “You did your best.”
    • “It wouldn’t kill you to be nice.”
    • “I’m sorry.”
  • Question of

    What was Laurie born with?

    • An extra toe
    • A cleft palate
    • Forked tongue
    • A tail
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    What was the name of Fez’s ex-girlfriend that used to stalk him?

    • Caroline
    • Kimberly
    • Julie
    • Jennifer
  • Question of

    In the “Class Picture” Episode, what were Eric’s friends making fun of him about?

    • His bad luck with females
    • His pimples
    • His smile
    • His nicknames
  • Question of

    When Eric and Donna go all the way for the first time, where does it occur?

    • In the radio station
    • During a movie
    • After a concert
    • At Midge and Bob’s second wedding
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    Donna found some panties in Eric’s car. Who did they belong to?

    • Laurie
    • Midge
    • Fez
    • Jackie
  • Question of

    What does Hyde draw on Jackie’s face after she passes out in the episode “Tornado Prom”?

    • A male body part
    • A mono-brow
    • The word “loser”
    • A mustache
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    What is Fez’s costume in his first trick-or-treating Halloween?

    • A teddy bear
    • Batman
    • Spiderman
    • He dresses as a woman
  • Question of

    What is Donna’s cat’s name?

    • Mr. Bailey
    • Mr. Giggly
    • Mr. Bonkers
    • Mr. Beegle
  • Question of

    What is the name that Kelso gave the egg that Jackie gave him to take care of?

    • Lego Eggo
    • Eggy
    • Eggman
    • Mr. Egg
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    What does Eric get a tattoo of one time after drinking too much?

    • “Debbie.”
    • Woodstock
    • “I love you Donna.”
    • “I love Red.”

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