The Weasleys in Book 6 Trivia Quiz

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    Which Weasley is missing from Book 6?

    • Charlie
    • Arthur
    • Percy
    • Molly
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    What does Mr. Weasley call his wife when they are alone together?

    • Mollycoddles
    • Mollydolly
    • Mollybaubles
    • Mollywobbles
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    Why does Ginny call Fleur Delacour ‘Phlegm’?

    • because Ginny doesn’t want Bill to marry Fleur
    • because of Fleur’s French accent
    • for all of these reasons
    • because Ginny dislikes Fleur
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    Whom does Ginny Weasley go out with for most of Book 6?

    • Cormac McLaggen
    • Seamus Finegan
    • Dean Thomas
    • Harry Potter
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    Why does Ginny call Ron a ‘filthy hypocrite’?

    • because he tells Ginny not to cheat at Quidditch and then does it himself
    • because he gets mad at Ginny for ‘snogging’ and then does it himself
    • because he tells Ginny not to leave the castle and then does it himself
    • because he tells Ginny to help with the housework and then won’t help himself
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    Ron drinks poisoned wine in Slughorn’s office. Whose idea was it to bring poisoned wine into Hogwarts?

    • Romilda Vane’s
    • Professor Slughorn’s
    • Draco Malfoy’s
    • Harry Potter’s
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    With whom is Ron Weasley NOT romantically involved?

    • Hermione Granger
    • Cho Chang
    • Lavender Brown
    • Romilda Vane
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    For how long has Ginny been infatuated with Harry?

    • since her second year at Hogwarts
    • since she met him
    • since the Christmas party in Slughorn’s office
    • since her fourth year at Hogwarts
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    What position(s) does Ginny play in the Book 6 Quidditch games?

    • Chaser and Keeper
    • Seeker only
    • Chaser and Seeker
    • Chaser only
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    For the first few years that he knows her, Harry does not seem to pay Ginny much mind. Why does this change in Book 6?

    • Ginny has finally begun to act like herself around Harry.
    • All of these elements cause Harry’s feelings to change.
    • Ginny grows prettier as she grows older.
    • When Ginny goes out with other boys, Harry gets jealous.
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    What causes the rift between Percy Weasley and his family?

    • Percy’s engagement to Fleur Delacour
    • Percy’s blind loyalty to the Ministry of Magic
    • Percy’s role in Professor Dumbledore’s death
    • Percy’s refusal to spend Christmas with the Weasleys
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    In what order were the Weasley children born?

    • Bill, Charlie, Percy, the twins, Ron, Ginny
    • the twins, Ron, Ginny, Percy, Charlie, Bill
    • Percy, Bill, Charlie, the twins, Ron, Ginny
    • Charlie, Percy, Bill, the twins, Ron, Ginny
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    Where does Ginny’s relationship with Harry stand at the end of Book 6?

    • They are girlfriend and boyfriend.
    • They are in love but not ‘together.’
    • They break up after a quarrel.
    • They are engaged to marry after Ginny graduates.
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    How does Molly Weasley show that she is reconciled to the marriage of Bill and Fleur?

    • by agreeing to hold the wedding in Paris
    • by offering Fleur Great-Auntie Muriel’s tiara
    • by asking Fleur to apply medication to Bill’s wounds
    • by asking Fleur whether the girl still loves Bill
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    Where does Bill Weasley work?

    • at Gringott’s
    • at the Leaky Cauldron
    • at the Ministry of Magic
    • at Borgin and Burkes

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