This Harry Potter Quiz Will Reveal Who’s Street Smart And Who’s Book Smart

  • Question of

    Hagrid asked us to take care of one of his magical beasts, but he doesn’t say which one. What do we do?

    • We accept
    • We decline
  • Question of

    The Triwizard Tournament is upon us! Do we apply?

    • Of course
    • Of course not
  • Question of

    Pick one of these magical objects

    • Invisibility Cloak
    • Elder Wand
    • Time Turner
    • Howler
  • Question of

    Which Quidditch position do we play?

    • Chaser
    • Beater
    • Keeper
    • Seeker
  • Question of

    Pick the best word from the following

    • Nitwit!
    • Blubber!
    • Oddment!
    • Tweak!
  • Question of

    Which of these magical creatures do we get along with most?

    • House Elves
    • Goblins
    • Boggarts
    • Centaurs
  • Question of

    Lupin is teaching us about Lycanthropy. What’s he talking about?

    • Predicting the future
    • Werewolves
    • Wands
    • Dark magic
  • Question of

    Voldemort has been resurrected! What do we think about this?

    • It’s awesome!
    • It’s horrible!
  • Question of

    The O.W.L.s are coming up! Are we prepared?

    • Yep!
    • Nope!
  • Question of

    What do we think of Draco Malfoy?

    • He’s the best
    • He’s cool
    • He’s alright
    • He’s the worst
  • Question of

    Pick the most skilled witch/wizard from the following

    • Harry
    • Ron
    • Hermione
    • Draco
  • Question of

    Who’s this Weasley lady?

    • Molly Weasley
    • Ginny Weasley
    • Fleur Weasley
    • Cedrella Weasley
  • Question of

    What’s our Animagus?

    • Dog
    • Stag
    • Cat
    • Horse
  • Question of

    Can we ever forgive Peter Pettigrew for his actions?

    • We can
    • We can’t
  • Question of

    Rita Skeeter is spreading propaganda about us! What do we do?

    • Writer her an expressive letter
    • Confront her directly
    • Write our own smear piece about her
    • Nothing at all

This Harry Potter Quiz Will Reveal Who’s Street Smart And Who’s Book Smart

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