This Image Test Will Reveal Your Artistic Ability

Having a creative mind encourages one to try new things and participate in activities that help us get closer to realising our full potential. Is creativity a talent that some people are born with, or an ability that can be developed like a muscle?

“Of all human practises, creativity comes closest to providing the fulfilment we all hope to get in our lives,” psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi wrote in his 1996 book “Creativity: The Work and Lives of 91 Eminent People.”

1 According to Csikszentmihalyi, creative people have ten opposing characteristics that interact in a dynamic way and influence their overall creativity. Incorporating these creative practises into your daily routine can aid in the development of your creative potential.

1 Centered and energised

People who are creative have a lot of physical and mental resources. They can work for hours on a single task that keeps their attention and still appear to be enthusiastic about it.

Having a creative mind does not imply that you are always working on something creative or artistic. People who are creative and artistic are imaginative, curious, and spend a lot of time at rest, quietly focusing on subjects that concern them and letting their minds wander.

Smart and shrewd

While creative people are always intelligent, research has shown that having a high IQ is not always associated with higher levels of creative achievement—personality traits play a role as well.

Children with high IQs performed better in life overall in Lewis Terman’s longitudinal study of gifted children, but those with extremely high IQs were not inherently artistic geniuses. Just a small percentage of those who took part in the study went on to achieve high levels of creative achievement later in life.

Studies say that there is a cutoff point at about 120.1, according to Csikszentmihalyi. Having a higher-than-average IQ can help with creativity, but having an IQ of over 120 does not guarantee greater creativity.
Csikszentmihalyi also claims that in order to preserve their sense of wonder and curiosity, imaginative people must be able to look at things in new, even naive, ways.

Disciplined and playful

A playful attitude is one of the hallmarks of imagination, according to Csikszentmihalyi, but this lightheartedness and enthusiasm is often reflected by a paradoxical trait: perseverance.

When working on a project, creative people are known for their tenacity and perseverance. They can work on a project for hours, staying up late at night until they are happy with the results.

Consider your reaction if you were to meet an artist. Their lives can appear to be thrilling, romantic, and glitzy. Being a good artist, on the other hand, requires a great deal of effort, which many people overlook. A creative person understands that true creativity necessitates a balance of fun and hard work.

“Start the Quiz”

  • Question of

    Choose a tree picture from the following:

    • 1-1this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 1-2this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 1-3this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 1-4this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
  • Question of

    Select a squirrel picture from the following list:

    • 2-1this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 2-2this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 2-3this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 2-4this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
  • Question of

    Choose a heart-shaped image:

    • 3-1this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 3-2this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 3-3this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 3-4this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
  • Question of

    Choose a river picture from the following:

    • 4-1this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 4-2this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 4-3this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 4-4this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
  • Question of

    Choose a moon picture from the following:

    • 5-1this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 5-2this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 5-3this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 5-4this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
  • Question of

    Choose a sun picture from the following:

    • 6-1this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 6-2this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 6-3this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 6-4this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
  • Question of

    Choose a galaxy picture from the following:

    • 7-1this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 7-2this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 7-3this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 7-4this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
  • Question of

    Choose a candle light picture from the following:

    • 8-1this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 8-2this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 8-3this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg
    • 8-4this-image-test-will-reveal-your-artistic-ability.jpg

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