VSCO, E-Girl, Or Soft? Which Tik Tok Girl Are You?


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    Which style do you rock most?

    • Flowy clothes with lots of cute makeup
    • Eco-friendly and trendy
    • Hardcore and ruthless, with lots of black
  • Question of

    Your personality is (pick the closest):

    • Shy
    • Rude
    • Very talkative
  • Question of

    Your friends would describe you as (pick the closest):

    • Loud and outgoing
    • Goth-like and skeptical
    • Kind and quiet
  • Question of

    Your makeup style is more:

    • Average
    • Light and practical
    • Bold and dark
  • Question of

    Of these, you most prefer:

    • Lip gloss
    • Blush
    • Scrunchies
  • Question of

    Your hair is usually:

    • Dyed crazy colors
    • In space buns
    • Worn up, with lots of scrunchies
  • Question of

    The color you like most out of these?

    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Pink
  • Question of

    Pick a saying:

    • “I love putting stars on my face”
    • “Tsksksksk” and “I oop”
    • “Omygosh, you’re way too sensitive!”
  • Question of

    Which type do you think you are?

    • VSCO Girl
    • EGirl
    • Soft Girl
  • Question of

    I think labeling people is:

    • OK; it’s useful and helps you tell who you should be/not be friends with
    • Not the best thing, because it limits people and puts them into a “box”
    • I like it! Otherwise I’d have no idea how to act or what to do with myself

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