We Can Tell You Who Is Secretly In Love With You

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    When it comes to guys, what is the first thing you notice?

    • Eyes.
    • Lips.
    • Stride.
    • His body in jeans
    • Rear view.
    • Accessory items
    • Something else entirely.
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    Any of the following characteristics is a definite turnoff?

    • The ego.
    • Pessimism.
    • Neuroticism.
    • Laziness.
    • Shyness.
    • Untidiness.
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    Are you a marrying type?

    • Without a doubt.
    • I suppose I am.
    • I’m not certain.
    • No, I don’t believe so.
    • Definitely not!!
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    Do you ever get the impression that someone is keeping an eye on you?

    • Every single time.
    • On occasion.
    • Almost never, in fact.
    • Yes, but I’m aware of who it is.
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    Which of the first date ideas below makes you shiver with excitement?

    • Dinner followed by a film.
    • A picnic in the dark.
    • A relaxing stroll along the beach.
    • Take a baking class as a couple.
    • Volunteering can be done in groups.
    • Together, we shoplift.
    • Spectacular sex.
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    Have you ever been in a relationship that was serious?

    • Yes, I did.
    • No, I haven’t done so.
    • It’s a difficult situation.
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    Which of your mates do you belong to?

    • The quiet one.
    • The amusing one.
    • The one who is cool.
    • The untamed one.
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    Do you think long-distance relationships are possible?

    • Yes, I agree.
    • No, I don’t think so.
    • It all depends on the person.
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    Is it easy for guys to talk to you?

    • Yes, indeed. Extremely.
    • It is dependent on the person.
    • If they bothered to talk to me, they will.
    • No, it’s not true. When they’re around me, they become shy and strange.
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    Do you identify as a male or a woman?

    • It’s a guy.
    • a woman
    • I’m not certain.
    • None of the above.

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