We will tell you which Netflix show you belong in if you Answer these Questions

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    You’re going to the movies. What genre of film are you most likely to see?

    • Horror
    • Drama
    • Comedy
    • Teen ‘coming of age’
    • Action
    • Superhero
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    What’s your go-to Netflix binge session snack?

    • Chocolate
    • Whatever I can find in my fridge, tbh
    • Pizza
    • Popcorn
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    If your life was a TV show would it be more dramatic or comedic?

    • Dramatic
    • Comedic
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    What are you most likely to be doing on a Saturday afternoon?

    • Running errands and being productive
    • Relaxing at home and being lazy
    • Out with pals
    • Cleaning the house
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    What kind of superpower will you pick for yourself?

    • Mind reading
    • Superhuman intelligence
    • Being in two places at once
    • Teleportation
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    Which best describes your sense of humour?

    • A bit dark
    • Super sarcastic
    • A bit sexual
    • Pure and innocent
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    What is your role in your friendship group?

    • The Dreamer
    • The Problem Solver
    • The Mom
    • The Emotional One
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    How long do your Netflix binge sessions tend to last?

    • 4 hours maximum
    • A couple of hours
    • At least half the day
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    How would your friends describe you?

    • Total mischief
    • Funny
    • Loves a bit of drama
    • A bold adventurer
  • Question of

    Do you make people laugh?

    • No, never
    • When don’t I make them laugh?
    • Sometimes
    • I’m quite serious, come to think of it
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    What sort of clothes do you wear?

    • Dark clothes which make me look a bit sinister
    • Just shorts and a t-shirt
    • Shirt and jeans normally
    • Armour
  • Question of

    What sort of hat suits you best?

    • A top hat
    • Baseball cap, maybe?
    • I’m not really into hats
    • A helmet, depending on what I’m doing
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    Can you act?

    • I was born to act
    • I’ll give it a go
    • I’d be good in a reality show or something like that
    • I think I’d be quite good at it
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    Are you comfortable speaking on camera?

    • Of course!
    • I’d probably quite shy
    • Yeah, why not?
    • Maybe? I’m not sure… is that a monster? Run!
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    Pick a piece of fruit.

    • Apple
    • Grapes
    • Orange
    • All of the fruit

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