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    It is your first day at your new school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and you have just walked through Kings Cross station waiting for the Hogwarts Express to arrive. You are surrounded by many other excited faces of children also waiting. You look up towards the sky and spot the gleaming sign, telling you the name of the platform on which you are standing. What does the sign read?

    • Platform 9 and 3 Quarters
    • Platform 9
    • Platform 9 and a Quarter
    • Platform 9 and a Half
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    Finally you reach the castle safe and sound. You are greeted by a stern woman who introduces herself as Professor McGonagall. She then leads you into a gigantic room full of children gathered around four tables and a large table with adults seated at it near the other end of the hall. Although you have not been in here before, Professor McGonagall has just told you its name. Can you remember?

    • The Great Hall
    • Slytherin Hall
    • Hogwarts Dining Hall
    • The Entrance Hall
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    After not being able to get to sleep, you wander the corridors, an invisibility cloak draped over you. You hear the groans of Filch behind and so you dive aimlessly into the nearest room. You turn around and find yourself, a broomstick in one hand and the Quidditch World Cup grasped in the other, reflected in a huge mirror with a golden frame. You leave this room soon after and run back to your dormitory. You awake in the morning and wonder to yourself where that mirror had been located. Where was it again?

    • Professor Snape’s classroom
    • Filch’s office
    • Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom
    • In a disused classroom
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    After spending way too much time trying to think of several things that mean absolutely nothing when it comes to exams you realise you are late for a test with Professor Snape! You dash out of your dorm and down a flight of stairs to the exit. As you leave you wave goodbye to the Fat Lady in the painting. If this is so, whose common room have you just passed through?

    • Slytherin’s
    • Ravenclaws’s
    • Hufflepuff’s
    • Gryffindor’s
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    Now that you’re on your way you remember that your watch is fast and work out that you still have ten minutes to spare. You slow down and take a look around as you walk. Some of the paintings catch your eye and you become entranced by one of a young girl, about your age, who is smiling at you. While doing so you wander into a corridor you have never seen before. Quickly, you have to remember where Snape’s classroom is located or you will be in deep trouble!

    • In the attic
    • In the dungeons
    • On the seventh floor
    • On the second floor
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    After another grueling lesson with Snape you leave to have lunch. Although there is somewhere else for you to dine you decide to eat outside, as it is a lovely day. You finally find a comfortable spot not far from the school on a patch of grass. As you eat you spot a small hut across the grass. To whom does this house belong?

    • The gamekeeper
    • The cook
    • The caretaker
    • The nurse
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    As you walk to your next lesson, after a delicious lunch, you hear some fifth years talking about the next visit to a small village not far from the school. What did they say the village was called?

    • Hogshead
    • Hogsmeade
    • Diagon Alley
    • Hogsfirth
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    Your first week draws to a close and Hogwarts already feels like a second home to you. Your friends have decided they’re all going to break the rules just a little and visit the area of woodland just beyond the shack you saw two days ago. This woodland has been announced as an area pupils are not allowed to visit. You don’t really want to break the rules but you go along anyway. After just ten minutes in the wood you are found out by a large, possible giant, named Hagrid. As he approached he booms, ‘What are you all doin’ in the ___________

    • Unchartered Woods
    • Cursed Woodland
    • Enchanted Forest
    • Forbidden Forest

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