What are the chances of you and them working out?

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    What do you talk about when your together?

    • We talk about stupid shit not anything deep
    • Lots of talking about what we want in relationships and who we want to be
    • We just talk about some common interests it’s kind of like they don’t want to even know me
    • Basic conversation but it’s only because they are so awkward and blush too much
    • Everything but I’m scared it’s only because they see me as a friend
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    Do they go out their way to make you comfortable?

    • Yes they always do things for me
    • Yes but they aren’t doing it because they care
    • No they don’t really notice when I’m uncomfortable
    • Yes I’ve never felt so loved
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    Are they even single?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Kind of but they still are confused about their ex
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    How do they act around you?

    • They always make me laugh and seem to be extra touchy and sweet
    • They just kind of ignore me but they seem nice when they listen
    • They ask what time is and as soon as they can leave they leave
    • I get tons of attention but they don’t outwardly show affection in public
    • Normal but they are a bit jumpy and nervous constantly
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    How close are you two?

    • We just met recently and I know so much about them already they can’t shut up around me
    • Not that close but they always want to know more about me
    • Pretty surface level both ways
    • Close but just like friend close
    • They don’t even tell me what their hobbies are
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    How do they act around friends?

    • They are harsh and tease a lot
    • Pretty quiet and reserved
    • Not that quiet not loud they fit in pretty well
    • Pretty loud they always have something to say
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    How much do they touch you?

    • Yes even when were walking, whenever they seem to super close to me
    • no they always have some distance
    • Yes but only in private then they just seem to by me all the time
    • No but they don’t move away from me
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    Do you they seem to stare at you a lot?

    • Yes then they look away
    • I can’t tell if there looking because they see me looking at them
    • No they notice me looking at them then look away kind of confused
    • Not really but when they catch me they smile
    • Yes then they continue looking confused
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    Do they gift you things?

    • Yes all the time, they buy me drinks and whatever when were out
    • No they don’t
    • They do without even asking
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    How often do they compliment you?

    • Pretty often, not non stop though
    • Anything I do
    • Basically never but when they do they mean it
    • Never
    • They don’t sound like they mean them
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    Do they listen to your opinions?

    • No they argue but in the mean way
    • They always seem to agree
    • They do but if they disagree they offer a different opinion politely
    • They listen to everything and always give me undivided attention
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    Do they tease you?

    • No they are too nice
    • Yes but its funny
    • It feels kind of mean sometimes
    • Never
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    Do they mimic what you do?

    • Never noticed but sometimes
    • Nope they are always doing their own thing
    • Yes
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    Do they try to get you alone?

    • Yeah they seem to completely forget our other mutual friends
    • No we always seem to be in a group
    • No always in public setting or by family
    • They straight up ask for it to be just the two of us
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    What time do you hangout?

    • Morning
    • Afternoon
    • Night/ evening
    • Anytime
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    Do they talk about other people?

    • Yes but so do I
    • No not really but they say they could never like anyone
    • Yes it’s always people they used to date
    • No they just talk about what they want in a relationship
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    Do they ever talk about other people?

    • Kind of but they always curve people they talk about
    • It’s only people from fiction or people they think are cute such as influencers
    • Sometimes
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    Do they ever respect others boundaries?

    • Yes they don’t force anyone to do anything
    • Yes but they beg for a while before accepting it
    • Sometimes
    • No they just pretend they don’t exist
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    Are they overly jealous?

    • No but they don’t even care
    • Kind of a bit protective but that’s it
    • Yeah they always ask who I’m talking to and seem to push everyone away from me
    • No but they still care
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    How much do they talk about their ex?

    • A lot
    • Sometimes but they just seem mad that they dated them in the first place
    • They make jokes about it
    • Never
    • Don’t have one yet
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    Do you know their family?

    • Yes Their family is like mine too!
    • No they don’t trust their family
    • Met them once
    • They don’t me an I don’t know them
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    Now about you:

    • Yes even when they tell me
    • Sometimes
    • No I’m pretty confident
    • Only when people pull away
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    Are you able to handle if they said they needed time apart?

    • I’d think i’d break down
    • Yeah everyone needs that
    • No I would get ready to leave too
    • Maybe but I wouldn’t ever try to be with them again
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    Do you miss having someone or do you actually feel something for them?

    • I like everything they do
    • I’m not sure
    • Sometimes yes sometimes no
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    If your ex or ex-crush texted would you pick your new crush or ex?

    • Crush
    • Ex I still miss them
    • I wouldn’t choose
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    If they said they needed someone to hold would you hold them or be uncomfortable?

    • No I would be there
    • I’m bad at feelings I’d probably try to make them laugh
    • I’d sit and listen
    • I would just stand awkwardly
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    How long have you known them?

    • 1-2 months
    • Just met
    • 6 months
    • Over 1 year
    • A couple of years [2 or more years]
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    How much do you text?

    • We don’t text we usually talk in person
    • They text me first all the time but they don’t text all the time
    • I text them mostly
    • We only send memes no real conversation
    • We text for hours every day it seems
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    Do you ever hangout with them?

    • Yeah like every week
    • A couple times a month
    • We usually don’t because we are both busy but they always ask
    • Not really often but they text me
    • They don’t text or ask me
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    Do you know their friends?

    • Not really, but we’ve exchanged awkward hellos when we met a couple of times
    • Yeah we are all friends
    • No not really

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