What Are Three Words That Describe You?



It is true that three words cannot describe a person’s entire personality. This quiz is created only for entertainment purposes and should not be taken otherwise. While we could discuss on the topic of personality types. Psychologists have long debated on whether personality types really exist or is it that people just cannot be typed. Many of the early attempts of typing people have faded as time passed. Some of them went on to become insanely famous ones like the MBTI and the Enneagram. While the aforementioned personality tests do nothing but put you into boxes. That box will have a description that you may agree with. The fact is however that you also could make your own personality test and people will still be able to relate to it.

This is the reason why many of the modern psychologists don’t use them and mostly rely on the Big Five Personality test. It is often used because of the fact that it has been found that it has extensive research backing it up. It also has statistical evidence and unlike others, it doesn’t put you into boxes. It also has been found that more often than not you will score average on the test which matches with reality as people are mostly average. It may hurt some but it is the truth in my opinion.

It could also be used in finding how successful one could be in their life. It is found that those who score high on the trait openness are more likely to have higher IQ which strongly correlates to success. One of the unique features of it is that the five traits in the test are very different from others which mean they are indeed real. While there are still many psychologists who don’t believe in the test.

There are many others which you could find online but most of them are scientifically not validated. Beware of them and don’t treat it as the gospel truth. Many of the psychologists also argue that personality tests change over time while these personality tests hold the extreme opposite view.

“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. You trade in your sense for an act. You give up your ability to feel, and in exchange, put on a mask. There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.”

“I feel too much. That’s what’s going on.’ ‘Do you think one can feel too much? Or just feel in the wrong ways?’ ‘My insides don’t match up with my outsides.’ ‘Do anyone’s insides and outsides match up?’ ‘I don’t know. I’m only me.’ ‘Maybe that’s what a person’s personality is: the difference between the inside and outside.’ ‘But it’s worse for me.’ ‘I wonder if everyone thinks it’s worse for him.’ ‘Probably. But it really is worse for me.”
― Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

“There’s such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I’m such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn’t be half so interesting.”
― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

“I used to think that finding the right one was about the man having a list of certain qualities. If he has them, we’d be compatible and happy. Sort of a checkmark system that was a complete failure. But I found out that a healthy relationship isn’t so much about sense of humor or intelligence or attractive. It’s about avoiding partners with harmful traits and personality types. And then it’s about being with a good person. A good person on his own, and a good person with you. Where the space between you feels uncomplicated and happy. A good relationship is where things just work. They work because, whatever the list of qualities, whatever the reason, you happen to be really, really good together.”
― Deb Caletti, The Secret Life of Prince Charming

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  • Question of

    What would you say your best feature is?

    • My charisma
    • My intelligence
    • My loyalty
    • My creativity
    • My spontaneity
    • Other
  • Question of

    What are you usually like in a group of friends?

    • I’m the leader
    • I’m the funny one
    • I’m the one who gives advice
    • I’m the one who plans nights out
    • I’m not sure
  • Question of

    How do you respond to unpleasant looks and stares?

    • I give them an unpleasant stare back
    • I confront them
    • I don’t usually notice nor care
    • I ask them if they need something
    • I’m unsure
  • Question of

    What would you say one of your worst traits are?

    • I come off cold
    • I come off as egotistical
    • I can be annoying
    • I can be smug
    • Other
  • Question of

    Do you embrace the unknown?

    • Of course
    • I chase it
    • I guess so
    • No I don’t
  • Question of

    Where would you rather be?

    • At a bar
    • At a library
    • At home
    • At a museum
    • On an adventure
  • Question of

    Are you afraid of anything?

    • Tons of things
    • Who isn’t?
    • I would say I’m fearless
  • Question of

    Would you rather chase an adrenaline rush or go learn something new?

    • Chase an adrenaline rush
    • Learn something new
    • Both are fine
  • Question of

    What do you tend to impress people with?

    • My insight
    • My confidence
    • My stories
    • My bravery
    • My optimism
    • Other
  • Question of

    What do you do in a crisis?

    • Take charge
    • Remain optimistic
    • Fix it yourself
    • Dive in head first
    • Other
  • Question of

    Which of the following activities would you most likely do in your spare time?

    • Yoga
    • Hiking
    • Reading
    • Dancing
  • Question of

    Choose your ideal night out.

    • Never leaving the house
    • A concert or night club
    • Bar hopping
    • A nice quiet evening at a bistro or coffee shop
  • Question of

    Choose the word that best describes you.

    • Driven
    • Calculating
    • Life-of-the-party
    • Lazy
  • Question of

    How would you like others to see you?

    • On top or in charge
    • Successful
    • A good time
    • I don’t care how others see me
  • Question of

    Lastly, choose a drink.

    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Beer
    • Liquor

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