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    You are tied onto a chair and your mates are hanging above boiling hot chocolate (it still kills people if it’s REALLY hot). But, a bomb bibs about to explode in 10 minutes. You…..

    • Cut the rope and suddenly the lava goes away under their feet. You run out and capture the enemy.
    • You jump towards your mates and save them. The bomb explodes and kills the enemy.
    • You pray to your God and miraculously you and your friends are tying up the enemy.
    • Panic and your bosses sort everything out. You’re saved.
    • Get the bomb and throw it onto the enemy’s boat. The enemy die and you save your friends.
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    How do you celebrate after the successful mission?

    • Throw a party with proper DJs and everything cool
    • Have VIP passes to a sport game
    • Watch a famous comedian (i.e. Lee Evans) with backstage passes
    • See who’s the best person at video games
    • Have a sleepover
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    What out of the following, is your favourite element?

    • Fire
    • Earth
    • Snow (what’s wrong with it?)
    • Um…..There’s isn’t one that suits me…..
    • Water
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    You see your crush, but your arch enemy is sucking up to your secret lover. You….

    • Run and cry in your “sobbing corner”
    • Chat to the crush while being nice (but annoying) to the enemy
    • Wave at the crush and talk to him later
    • Say you need to talk to your crush but look evilly at the annoying person
    • I come up to the person and have a go at the enemy (I HATE her/him….)
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    Your dream job is…..

    • Author/actor/singer/director/something to do with performing arts…..
    • Comedian/army/random jobs…..
    • Something with computers/electronics
    • Athlete/rugby player/football player/etc/etc…..
    • Teacher/librarian/county court….
  • Question of

    Now the questions are on a mini adventure. Someone asks you if you’d like to do a secret mission to save the world. You say…..

    • No! NEVER! I’m too scared!
    • Well duh. I don’t care if I go or not, as long as chocolate has something to do with it.
    • Maybe. I mean, what if I die? Or I’m kidnapped. You’ll have to persuade me
    • I’ll do it. But I’m ready to face wrong in the mission……
    • YES! I really need a break from all this health and safety!
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    Your boat breaks down and you are over 400m away from the destination. You….

    • Swim, but have back up scuba diving equipment with us.
    • Panic. Then my friend makes a plan to get on the destination.
    • Swim. The faster we get there the safer we are.
    • Use the handy (but large) life boat to row yourself to shore.
    • Call for a helicopter. I don’t know why we didn’t go into the helicopter in the first place….
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    You come across a booby trap. Unluckily, your friend is caught by it and has badly cut her leg. You…..

    • Stitch up the wound and carry on. Simple.
    • Carry her/him to a safe place and help her/him using my home-made first aid kit.
    • Keep one person behind with her to call for help while the others carry on.
    • Make a stretcher out of bamboo sticks and use the medical kit on her/him while on the journey.
    • Panic (again).
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    You go in the base of the evil people and are surrounded by the enemy. The leader of the henchmen is being cunning and sly. You….

    • Back away.
    • Run and fight.
    • Talk for a while (you know, in movies) and then fight.
    • Scream/shout.
    • Be sarcastic. Make the henchmen laugh.

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