What are you scared of?


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    What do you avoid most?

    • drugs
    • people
    • authority
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    What would you rather have for breakfast?

    • waffles
    • cereal
    • omelette
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    Which one of these would you never do?

    • read out loud to the class
    • sing in public
    • dance in public
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    What do you like about yourself?

    • style
    • hair
    • your cute face
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    Which one is most difficult for you to do?

    • read quickly
    • ask for help/ raise hand
    • math homework
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    What makes you happy?

    • going to the club/ a party
    • buying things
    • art/ poetry accomplishments
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    What annoys you?

    • alarm clocks
    • weird, crazy people who think your their friend
    • people who brag
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    Choose one of these primary colours…

    • blue
    • red
    • yellow
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    You don’t feel comfortable…

    • freely voicing your opinions
    • meeting new people
    • making eye contact with people
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    You can’t…

    • whistle
    • I can do both.
    • snap your fingers

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