What are your greatest personality traits?


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    Which adjective describes you best? (Don’t think about it for too long, just tick the one that seems to fits best to you spontaneously!)

    • Talk-active
    • Positive
    • Direct
    • Calm
    • Soft-hearted
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    What do you like most about school?

    • The breaks between – when I can have deep-talk with people
    • Becoming better in interesting topics & learning for life
    • Getting attention & that you can exchange ideas about your lifestyle
    • Being able to meet nice people and discuss about different topics
    • The afternoon clubs – when I can experience something new
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    Why do you like going to parties?

    • Because I like to spend time with many people all the time. I’m even really outgoing.
    • Because I’m really inquisitive and it’s like a big adventure for me.
    • I don’t really like it because I need a lot of time to put hard effort in my work & my goals.
    • Because I need some friends around me. I don’t like to be alone for so long.
    • Because I like partying sometimes as a contrast to my normally quite busy & disciplined time.
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    Which of this properties could belong to you?

    • Strong opinion
    • Self-Worth
    • Excitement
    • Empathy
    • Discipline
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    What is your greatest wish? Or what comes nearest to your greatest wish?

    • Being an Idol to many people!
    • Doing whatever I love all the time!
    • Everyone I know being happy!
    • I’m uncomplicated and have spontaneous but realistic wishes!
    • My hard work getting paid off!
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    What’s your favourite hobby / activity of these?

    • Learning new things & skills (apart from school)
    • Getting to know more people
    • Anything where I can become successful!
    • Helping people with their problems
    • Having a wellness weekend or posting photos for fun
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    Do you already have any plans for your future?

    • No, I live every day as it would be the last and let my life guide me spontaneous!
    • Of course, I know what I want! I have a long lasting vision of my future.
    • Not really, but I’m sure I can reach my goals when I want to!
    • Maybe I want to work with kids later but my most important goal is to bring positivity back into people’s life!
    • Not yet, but definitely something with other people that are inspire me!
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    What motivates you most?

    • Positive vibes!
    • Success in any part of my life!
    • Experiencing anything new!
    • Little self-treatments!
    • Inspiring people!
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    Does your mood changes often?

    • No. Even when somebody is outrageous to me, because I know who I am & that I’m good enough.
    • Yes. Usually because I put problems of others before mine & then when they are sad, I’m sad too.
    • Sometimes. Especially when I worked so long on something & then the results aren’t the way I wanted them to be!
    • Just when I am alone. When I’m with people I feel good & have just good vibes.
    • Not really, but when I don’t get anything to do, I’m getting bored easily.
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    What do you think people would say about you? Try to think about how you would feel & think when you look at you from for example any of your classmates.

    • That I’ve got confidence & nothing can bring me out of control.
    • That I have a good sense of humour and sometimes I like to be the leader.
    • That I’m always smiling and doing anything & everything. I don’t have time to be bored!
    • Usually all my friends are counting on me. – Cause I’m trustful. I often guide groups or so on.
    • That I’m caring for anyone and they know that I would do hard work in a group project.
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    Which of the following quotes relates most to your life & yourself as a person?

    • Own you – own story!
    • The only way out is through!
    • Not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. – Some girls are made of adventure, fine beer, brains and no fear.
    • Success is nothing more than some simple disciplines practiced every day!
    • Make people feel good about themselves!

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