What boy is perfect for you?

  • Question of

    ????What do you prefer?

    • ????Popular but too sassy ????
    • ????Rich but too Annoyed????
    • ????Nerdy and it’s always there for you….????
    • ????Kind and smart❤️
    • ????Handsome but Poor????
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    ????????Which genre of a boy do you like the most?

    • ????Kind
    • ????As long as it’s perfect for me
    • ????Cool
    • ???? Has many Talents~
    • ????Nerdy
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    ????If the boy likes you but you love someone else but he doesn’t care what do you prefer…..

    • ???? it depends if they like me or not…
    • ???? Nah…. Their both lame besides I don’t have a crush
    • ???? I will choose the boy because my crush doesn’t even care anyways
    • ???? My crush because he is so handsome than him
    • ???? I will choose both as long as it takes
  • Question of

    ???? What Talents do you like?….

    • More….
    • Writer and actor
    • Singing and dancing
    • Musician and Rock band member
    • Magician and more…
  • Question of

    What kind of Painting you like the best

    • Something that doesn’t exist
    • Foods and bowls because that’s the paint use too…
    • Above the sky because it’s calming
    • Something out of abstract
    • Something with seasons because it’s cozy and pretty
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    ????What Kind of job do you like for your future boy…

    • Something that it’s not too harsh for him…
    • Something more people would like
    • Something like big jobs to do
    • Something that’s perfect for him
    • Something that he likes
  • Question of

    ☪Which zodiac sign you like for him?

    • Sagittarius & Scorpio, Taurus
    • Libra, Cancer & Capricorn
    • Aquarius, Aries, Leo
    • Gemini, Virgo & Pisces
    • Ophiuchus
  • Question of

    What age do you like for your future boyfriend ????

    • 29-30
    • 45 above
    • 31-44
    • Something perfect for him
    • 20-28
  • Question of

    ????What is the best for him…

    • Overworking for the best
    • Talents
    • Popular
    • Smart or Nerdy
    • Rich and sassy cool
  • Question of

    ????I’m just curious Do you like this test?☪

    • No…
    • Yes? No? Maybe so?
    • Yes…
    • Whatever I’m not answering this
    • What kind of question is this?

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