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    What would your friends say about you?

    • Kind, Caring and Imaginative.
    • Confident and Constantly Happy.
    • Quiet and Creative.
    • Outgoing and Adventure-hungry.
    • Living in my own little world.
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    What would you rather do on a Saturday night?

    • Go out with my boyfriend/husband on a romantic dinner or walk and feel the butterflies in my stomach like the first time we’ve met!:)
    • Either shopping with friends or having a sleepover with my best buddies, with pillow fights, ice cream and Sex & the City!
    • I rather spent that time alone in my room, killing my eyes in the dark with only a flashlight in my hand scrolling down a thrilling book. Forgetting about the real world.
    • Out with friends, either on a concert, screaming my heart out, getting drunk and meeting new people, or chilling outside the cemetery with closest mates – most peaceful place in the world…
    • Go out with friends of course! To TGI Fridays most probably or clubbing and having fun!
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    What would you rather do on a Sunday morning?

    • Probably hung-over from last night, if not, I’d get together with friends or talk on the phone.
    • Watch TV most likely, or read some magazines, maybe call a friend.
    • Wake up when it’s still dark (especially in winter) go out to the park and enjoy nature…mmmm:)
    • Wake up very early, then get ready and go out, probably just to walk around the town, do some shopping or something.
    • Take out my diaries, or draw something.
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    What type of music do you listen to?

    • R&B and slow, love songs! Like Mariah Carey or Ne-Yo.
    • Metal and Hard Rock, like A7X, Bullet and Slipknot, Dragonforce, etc
    • Rock mostly, like The Killers, but I also love techno!
    • Pop Rock, like No Doubt, (don’t speak), The Corrs, Vanessa Amorosi, the kind of stuff people use as soundtracks for movies. (and paramour)
    • Smashing Pumpkins or Bauhaus – Gothic stuff:) + Classical! (Tchaikovsky)
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    What movie would you rather see in the cinema?

    • I love any good Horror movies, but especially Hannibal Rising and The Crow all parts!
    • I have to admit I love chick flicks! Mean Girls was a big hit. Who would forget Something about Mary and Along Came Polly! I love Romantic Comedies!
    • Sad movies with a touch of romance, like Edward Scissorhands, Corpse Bride, Frankenstein.
    • Thrillers, Casino Royale was great. Love, Cheating, Action and Violence! That’s what I love
    • Fantasy movies, like the Series of Unfortunate Events or Narnia. Bridge to Terabithia was great too, sad though. + My Girl – quite an old movie. Oh, and Pan’s Labyrinth
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    Are you open to new people?

    • I do like to make new friends, but it takes time and I’m quite shy.
    • Yes! I meet new people every night! (or everyday)
    • Never. I have my own bunch and we don’t let just anyone in. We’re just too close now. Anyone new would feel like an outsider for the next 2-3 years.
    • Not really. I don’t trust many people. Friendships should be built on trust.
    • I make new friends if they come along, but it would have to be someone with the same interests as me and my friends.
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    Where would you rather go on vacation?

    • Somewhere exotic, where you can forget about the reality. Any big beach will do.
    • Vegas! Not even for gambling (who am I kidding) But the nightlife there is just breathtaking!
    • Anywhere with a place to make a fire so I can sing campfire songs and roast sausages on a stick with friends. Cemeteries are necessary to – to play games I’ve learned in scout girls!:) good times.
    • Some small country with lots of ruins for sightseeing. Good place for inspiration.
    • Anywhere with a forest and a lake. Somewhere where I find a little place for myself or build a little sanctuary.
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    What is your idea of a perfect match?

    • I like deep and original guys. Especially if they’re also quite good looking and know a lot about what they’re interested in. Interests are very important. It’s a good thing if people say that he’s weird as well.
    • He has to be spontaneous, crazy, funny, energetic, adventurous and handsome. And with no strings attached! Someone I can drink, get high and hyper with, when I’m sad.
    • As long as he’s fairly handsome and loves to drink and party he’s my type!
    • Looks are very important, but I also need a boy who would make me laugh.
    • Someone I can share a secret with. Someone like Romeo – a handsome, romantic, sweet boy to have an adventure with.
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    What would you wear for a night out or a date?

    • Same thing I usually wear. Very comfortable Tripp pants with a big T-shirt. Something I always look good in.
    • Alchemy Gothic jewelery, lots of lace, dark accessories. Shiny boots and a long, black dress with sleeves wide at the bottom. A bit of dark make-up.
    • A short, dark cocktail dress with my hair tied up in a nice, crazy bun. Maybe a little glitter on my face, so it glows in the dark. High heels.
    • Something sweet and comfortable. Most likely my best jeans with a cute designer top. Some silver or gold jewellery and high heels.
    • A long, white dress (no, not a wedding dress) or any bright, pretty vintage dress with no jewels or accessories. Light, low shoes, like ballet shoes.
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    What do you mostly sleep in?

    • In a short, silk gown
    • Pretty trousers and a long-sleeved top with patters on it.
    • Naked
    • Any long night gown as long as it’s white.
    • My underwear
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    What is your idea of a perfect dream?

    • A very unusual place, somewhere I’ve never been to before, like a secret carnival or funfair.
    • A dream where I see my dream man, in a big ballroom, wearing a beautiful dress and holding a glass of champagne.
    • A dream where I’m a completely different person, on a ship that had sank. Later drowning, swimming in water and admiring the under-sea world.
    • A romantic dinner with my crush, at a very luxurious restaurant, wearing a beautiful outfit.
    • Me, running around a scary maze or fighting the grim reaper, or a dream about the world in future. As long as it’s a nightmare and will make me cry after I wake up – I’ll love it.
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    What do you do on-line?

    • Look through for places I can go to, like clubs and events. Shopping.
    • Write in my blog. Mostly stories. I love changing the theme and making it pretty.
    • Read scary stories or play games. Look for cheats and hacks as well.
    • Look for pretty pictures I can put on my wallpaper or download music.
    • Chat with friends and check my e-mail.
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    What is your favorite drink?

    • Straight Vodka. At least one bottle please, and I’m not an alcoholic.
    • I don’t like to drink alcohol.
    • Jack Daniels’ or Malibu – as long as it’s sweet.
    • Champagne. It’s all about partying.
    • Unusually favored alcohol with pretty colors. Or red wine.
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    What is your favorite food?

    • Sweet fruits like strawberries or party cake!
    • Food from different cultures. I like to try new things, like Bat broth.
    • Natural stuff, like salads and fruits and sushi.
    • Ice cream or biscuits.
    • Coffee and Liquorice. Mostly bitter stuff.
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    What do you fear the most?

    • Crime mostly. It’s the bad people we should be worried about.
    • I fear the dark – demons, ghosts.
    • I don’t fear nothing! I love scary and disturbing stuff.
    • Almost everything. I have to watch my every step.
    • Spiders and bugs!
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    If you had 1 day to do whatever you liked, then could go back in time, so that it didn’t have an effect on anyone, including yourself, but could still remember everything afterwards, what would you do?

    • I would start a Killing Spree! Then Rule the world as an evil dictator.
    • I would kill someone really rich and enjoy his palace – swim in his pool, relax, then throw a huge party.
    • Go to a forest, or jungle, get lost and enjoy the beauty, peace, quiet and try to survive.
    • I would join a Satanists’ Klan and See for myself what is it like. Enjoy the evil atmosphere.
    • Go to a shopping mall with friends and steal a few beautiful dresses, then run around the town in them. Or naked.
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    Last question! What do value most in life?

    • Knowledge.
    • Experience.
    • Beauty.
    • Freedom.
    • Happiness.

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