What colour suits you most?


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    What movie genre is your favorite?

    • Romantic
    • Emotional
    • Horror
    • Comedy
    • Arthouse
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    What is your favorite music genre?

    • Indie
    • Metal/punk rock
    • Jazz
    • Pop
    • Classical
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    Where would you take someone on a date?

    • The forest
    • A restaurant
    • An amusement park
    • The movies
    • I don’t take people on dates
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    What is your favorite bird?

    • Parrots
    • Crow
    • White dove
    • Canary
    • I hate birds
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    What are your morals?

    • The balance of the universe lies within the good AND the bad
    • The strong survives and the weak dies
    • Everyone will die one day
    • Good acts give good karma
    • Every soul has some good in it, even if they don’t seem like it
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    Do you accept people for who they are?

    • I like everyone!
    • I have my preferences but anyone can be themselves
    • Sure
    • Yes, as long as I like them
    • I like no one
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    What would you do in a life and death situation with another person?

    • Save them and fall in love
    • Abandon whoever I’m with and make a run for it
    • Save them and casually go on with my life
    • Save everyone
    • Die with them
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    What number do you prefer?

    • 420
    • All numbers
    • 69
    • 13
    • 666
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    If you saw a spider in your room, what would you do?

    • Release it with care
    • Cry
    • Give it a kiss in hopes it will turn into a pretty prince/princess
    • Eat it
    • Make it my pet
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    What would you do if you went back into time to visit [enter bad person that did a huge impact on the world] when they were a baby?

    • Kill them
    • Do nothing
    • Show them affection
    • Raise them the right way
    • Kill their parents and adopt them as your own

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What is your true colour?