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Adoption Day

There is nothing as nervous as the first day when of your pet at your home. Wondering whether hey will like it or hate it or will they run away when no one is noting, almost eats up from the inside. It is uncertain whether they will be nervous,, friendly, scared or ignorant. But in this case the owner has nothing to worry about as on their first day he is being extended so much love and cuddling sessions that he will love his new home.

Look of Love

Named Pilsner, this cat has set and high standards for the significant other of her partner. The partner is perfect only if the look at his owner the way he does, cares and loves his owner the way he does, anything lesser than that seems unacceptable. As for his owner, Pilsner is the perfect hype one needs to believe they are beautiful especially when taking pictures.

Supporting Friends

All pets are frightened of the doctors office just like we humans are, but these dog seems to be calm and not only that he is ready to spread the vibe. There is nothing cute than this picture of a Labrador comforting the tiny kitty. And as much as there is nothing to be scared of, the kitty is lucky to have a big doggie guardian looking after her with all the emotional support she needs. Not only are they breaking the stereotype of cats and dogs not getting along but they are doing hat with utmost cuteness.
“He serves his party best who serves his country best.”
Rutherford B. Hayes

“It is one of the ironies of our time that, while concentrating on the defense of our country against enemies from without, we should be so heedless of those who would destroy it from within. (Aug 1953 letter to the editor of The Washington Post)”
Rachel Carson,

“One’s country is like oneself. The more you learned about it, the more there was to be ashamed of.”
Jeffrey Eugenides,

“The biggest lesson is you get the country you work for. If you sit back and simply allow your country to be, it is highly unlikely to be the kind of country you want. You have to be active.”
Mohsin Hamid

“A woman is not less a human. There is no piece of literature or institution that can prove otherwise. It does not matter, the skin color, the economic status, or country of origin, a woman is a human.”
Topsy Gift,

“Without true opposition the country can not be ruled, although it can be dominated without true opposition. To be ruled is to accept to be dominated; to be dominated is to accept to be ruled. Without true opposition there is no true patriotism; without true patriotism there is no true opposition. Be a true opponent of the government, by being a true patriarch of your country; defend your country from the heart, on the fundamental issues of the country’s constitution.”
Enock Maregesi

“Freedom is a privilege, not a right. And as such, I have no right to ask anything of it, but I have the privilege of giving everything to it.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough

“There was no such thing as Kazakhstan. It was just a chunk of Soviet Union.
Nursultan Nazarbayev

“India is not a country, but a home.”
Khalid Masood

“My country is not just my soil, but it is also my soul that breathes in my body. I am the strongest advocate of my land and people, wherever I am. It does not matter, how bitterly I criticise them, even though, they are my real love and respect.”
Ehsan Sehgal

“There was nothing along the road save the country it traversed and there was nothing in the country at all.”
Cormac McCarthy,

“আমি যে কিনা উচ্চিংড়ের স্বরলিপিতে গাওয়া ফুসফাসুরে গান
মলয় রায়চৌধুরী ( Malay Roychoudhury )

“There are so many shady things happening in this country, they’re happening all around us all the time, and we just accept them.”
Rebecca McNutt,

“Ukiichukia serikali yako umeichukia nafsi yako. Kwa sababu serikali ndiyo inayoongoza nchi, na nchi ni mwili mmoja.”
Enock Maregesi

“Ordinary democracy elect its leaders from their words not from their work.”
Amit Kalantri,

“…the strength of a democracy is not how well we agree but how well we disagree.”
Mike Myers,

“The USA is turning into a Nazi like country where sick people are treated like garbage.”
Steven Magee

“In full uniform, the color guard marched by as part of the parade. And as they did, he forced his horribly slumped and deeply aged body out of his worn wheelchair and stood to ram-rod attention. He held a salute until the guard had passed, and then he feebly collapsed back into his wheelchair. As I stared in ever-warming admiration, emblazoned across his hat I saw the words “WWII Veteran.” And while I deeply admire his stirring passion for our country, I stood there wishing that my passion for the cause of Christ might someday be strong enough to lift me out of the many wheelchairs within which I sit.”
Craig D. Lounsbrough, LPC

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  • Question of

    I am located west of Hungary, and located south of Germany. My official language is German, and my hills are alive with the sound of music.

    • Switzerland
    • Romania
    • Austria
    • Czech Republic
  • Question of

    I am a small country on an island in the north Atlantic sea. My landscape is often mistaken due to my name, and some of the best Norse sagas were found here.

    • Sweden
    • Denmark
    • Iceland
    • Finland
  • Question of

    I am located in the southern part of Europe, my capital city is Athens, and I have many incredible buildings and have an ancient history.

    • Italy
    • Turkey
    • France
    • Greece
  • Question of

    My total area is 3,286,488.06 sq. miles, I’m am known for some of the world’s best soccer players, and my official language is Portuguese.

    • Portugal
    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Bolivia
  • Question of

    My capital is Quito, I’m slightly smaller than the size of Nevada, and my official language is Spanish.

    • Columbia
    • Puru
    • Argentina
    • Ecuador
  • Question of

    My official language is Arabic, my literacy rate is 71.4%, and I have housed two of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

    • Libya
    • Egypt
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Israel
  • Question of

    My capital is Antananarivo, I have two official languages and my GDP (per capita) is $800.

    • Angola
    • Zambia
    • Ethiopia
    • Madagascar
  • Question of

    My area is 761,605.81 sq. miles, my government is federal republic, and my capital would give my name away.

    • Jamacia
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • United States
  • Question of

    I am a chain of islands off the eastern coast of Asia, and one of my claims to fame is a great monster called Godzilla.

    • North Korea
    • China
    • South Korea
    • Japan
  • Question of

    My capital is Wellington, my literacy rate is 99% and a famous movie trilogy was filmed here in the early part of the 21st century.

    • Canada
    • England
    • New Zealand
    • Australia

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