What Disney PRINCE is right for YOU?


There are many Disney princes and sometimes it becomes hard to figure out which one is right for you. You can play our Which Disney Prince is right for you quiz to better know it.

These are the Disney “Princes” (also known as male protagonists) who appear in the Disney Princess films, listed in the order in which they appeared in the movie.

Official Princes and Princesses

He is a subsidiary protagonist and the main male protagonist in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. He has been known as Prince Florian since the franchise’s inception, or the rumored Prince Ferdinand, depending on who you ask. Because his given name is never mentioned in the film and because he is Snow White’s love interest and later husband, he is referred to as “the Prince.” At the beginning of the film, when he sings with Snow White, and at the end, when he rescues Princess Aurora from her stepmother’s curse, the Prince makes just brief appearances throughout the film.

Cinderella’s deuteragonist, Prince Charming (also known as Prince Henry), appears in the film Cinderella and its sequels. Cinderella’s love interest, Prince Charming, is a handsome young man with black hair. He is far more interested in her than he is in any other woman. He appears to be a devoted husband, prince, and future king in all appearances. At first, Prince Charming appears to be uninterested in marriage; then, after meeting Cinderella, he changes his mind, despite the fact that he doesn’t know who she is. He also appears to be able to dance, as seen by his increased role in the film sequels. There are many Disney Princes Quizzes on the internet and you could have fun with all of them.

During the film Sleeping Beauty, Prince Philip serves as the film’s deuteragonist. Aurora’s love interest and ultimately spouse, Prince Phillip, has brown hair and is a royal prince. He is courageous, loyal, and considerate. He was the first prince to have his identity exposed, as well as the first to have a significant role in his film, as he appears in the majority of it. He is also the first prince to have known his romantic partner since she was born.

Despite the fact that he is the deuteragonist of The Little Mermaid and the secondary protagonist of its sequel, Prince Eric does not appear at all in The Little Mermaid III: Ariel’s Beginning, which was intended to be a prequel concentrating on Ariel’s youth. He does not appear as a character in the video game Ariel’s Adventure, but he does appear in visions that Ariel sees via her crystal ball. He appears in the crystal ball, and Ariel is perplexed as to who he is. She also states that she would never sacrifice her voice for a human being. Melody is born to him and Ariel in The Little Mermaid II, making them the first couple in the Disney Princess franchise to have a child together. Prince Eric has a black beard and black hair.

The Beast, often known as Prince Adam, is the male protagonist of the Disney film Beauty and the Beast. He is the love interest/husband of Belle’s sister, Camille. The majority of his appearances, including in the franchise, are in his Beast form. Because he has been spoiled, he starts out selfish, impatient, and harsh, but as he matures, he goes from being fierce, territorial, and lonely to becoming kind, gentle, and brave. Prince Adam’s hair has a rich auburn color.

As the titular primary protagonist of the films Aladdin, Aladdin II, and Aladdin III, as well as the television series Aladdin, Aladdin also goes by the name of Prince Ali Ababwa. He is the love interest of Princess Jasmine, and he subsequently becomes her husband. In addition to having black hair and a pet monkey named Abu, he recently obtained a flying rug with no name, but known as Carpet or Rug Man, a retired Genie for a friend, and Jafar’s old parrot, Iago, from the same source as Jafar.

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  • Question of

    What would your Prince Charming’s personality be like?

    • In one night he’d know I was the one. He’d love me and I’d love him. Not to mention he’d be your dream guy.
    • He’d be cute, sweet, he’d make me smile, and he’d finish the song I was singing the first time I met him.
    • He’d be someone that came from a completely different life than I did and he’d show me everything I’d be missing out on. He’d show me a good time
    • He’d be someone that took time. Someone I really had a hard time getting through to, but once I did, he had a sweet and charming personality.
    • He’d be just right for me and love me for who I am not regarding where I come from or my past.
  • Question of

    Where would be the perfect place for you two to meet?

    • In his scary, but loving mansion.
    • On the beach.
    • In the forest surrounded by all of my furry, feathery friends.
    • On a busy day by the street.
    • A ballroom.
  • Question of

    How far would you go to make sure you and you’re prince were OK?

    • I’d disobey my guardian.
    • I’d save him from drowning.
    • I’d risk my life to be with him, doing something adventurous.
    • I’d cry my heart out.
    • I’d tend to his wounds from when he saved my life.
  • Question of

    How would he rescue you?

    • He’d save me from an evil underwater sea witch.
    • He’d fight off a pack of wolves and a crazy man who bombarded his castle and threatened his life.
    • He’d search to the ends of the kingdom to find me and won’t settle for anyone else.
    • He’d fight a fire breathing dragon.
    • He’d use his third wish on a once in a lifetime opportunity of a genie in a lamp.
  • Question of

    Where would you be on your first date?

    • He’d show me around his castle and make me feel OK without being at home. He’d show me a true adventure.
    • We’d dance alone as if he was the only one who existed besides me. He’d walk me around and over a bridge and I’d feel love for the first time.
    • He’d show me around town in a carriage and then we’d go for a romantic rowboat ride
    • He’d take me up to the clouds on a magic carpet ride and make me feel safe.
    • He’d sing to me in a secluded forest and made me smile.
  • Question of

    Where would you and your Prince Charming get married?

    • In his father’s castle
    • In our city
    • On a boat near my family.
    • In our father’s castle.
    • In his castle with their family.
  • Question of

    Who would be you’re faithful friends that would help you through everything?

    • A friendly tiger.
    • Forest creatures and three fairies that raised me.
    • A cute fish and an overprotective crab.
    • Mice and birds.
    • My horse and talking household items.
  • Question of

    What would you love most about him?

    • How he’d believe in fate to bring us together and trust me to be nice. How he knew I was the one in an utter instant.
    • How he’d whisk me away from my boring cushy life and show me the city I’m not allowed to visit.
    • How he’d risk his life numerous times to save mine, and how much he cared about me.
    • How adventurous he is and how he’d show me an adventure. And how he’d save my life and protect me.
    • How amazingly talented he is about being a human. And how sincere and sweet he was, of course.
  • Question of

    What would he love most about you?

    • My courage.
    • My love for books and adventure.
    • My beauty, song, and soul. And my love for life.
    • My sweetness, even though I was pushed around ever since my father died. And my love of song.
    • My urge to be different and my love for everyone.
  • Question of

    What’s would your ideal prince look like?

    • He’d have dark hair and bright blue eyes.
    • He’d have black hair and dark brown eyes.
    • He’d have short black hair and hazel eyes.
    • He’d have golden brown hair and bright brown eyes.
    • He’d have brown hair and brown eyes.

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