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    What do you like to do in your free time?

    • Workout or play sports!
    • Cook or bake stuff!
    • Read a book!
    • Explore and hangout with friends!
    • Go on a walk or a hike through the woods!
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    Who are you in your friend group?

    • The one that does good in school!
    • The social butterfly!
    • The sassy, athletic one!
    • The mom!
    • The animal lover/sweet or quiet one!
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    What is your biggest fear?

    • Failing my dreams
    • Kidnapped
    • Not being able to be myself and follow my dreams
    • My family being in danger
    • Animals getting hurt
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    How would you describe your hair?

    • Always in a bun, of course.
    • Short and classy
    • Slightly curled
    • Something I can move swiftly in
    • Long and straight
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    How easily mad do you get?

    • I may get mad, but I don’t hold a grudge for too long
    • Very, mad. I have a short temper
    • Ugh, I get mad quite easily but over the right stuff! Otherwise I’m care-free
    • I try to stay calm, no matter the circumstances
    • I can get mad sometimes but try to be mature
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    What is your theme song?

    • I’ve got a dream
    • We are family
    • Fight song
    • I prefer singing my own songs
    • When you wish upon a star
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    When do you have the most energy?

    • At night, in the evening
    • Bit before noon
    • Noon
    • Afternoon
    • Morning
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    How would your friends describe you?

    • Creative, curious and fun
    • Smart, funny, never gives up
    • Loyal, polite, helpful
    • Sweet, loving, nice
    • Athletic, smart, adventurous
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    When you meet new people…

    • Unsure, and goes to find people they know
    • Makes a nice conversation
    • Talk to them…immediately!
    • Um no thanks, I’m too busy reading
    • Kind of awkward but doesn’t mind
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    Your favorite type of movie?

    • Action
    • Drama
    • Mystery
    • Comedy
    • Romance

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Which Disney princess are you?