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    At school..

    • Do your makeup and adjust your hair.
    • Sit with your head on the table almost crying.
    • Sit daydreaming about nothing.
    • I make sure my shirt is tucked in or do the best I can.
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    In sport..

    • I do everything on my own.
    • Try to fall over, and make sure I’m on my own.
    • I make sure I have some water with me.
    • I make sure I look my best and wear the latest gear.
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    When doing homework…

    • I do whatever I like on it.
    • I do what I can to make it right.
    • I don’t do it.
    • I use the perfect pen so I don’t hurt my hand.
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    When getting ready..

    • I just …
    • Brush my hair and wear whatever is on my bed.
    • Put on my makeup, do my hair, clean, shower, put trendy clothes on.
    • I make sure I am clean and wearing correct uniform.
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    What do you most like?

    • Making myself look beautiful.
    • Making sure everything is ready.
    • Thinking how much I hate myself.
    • Nothing.
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    On the computer I…

    • Go on chat rooms and watch what people say.
    • Take pictures.
    • Moan on chat rooms.
    • Do my homework and then play games.
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    My favourite subject is..

    • Textiles.
    • Cooking.
    • Science.
    • English.
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    I like to wear..

    • Whatever is clean and looks nice.
    • Baggy tops and jeans.
    • Whatever I can find.
    • Mini skirts, shorts, stripy tops.
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    I think..

    • My mates are the best.
    • Nothing really.
    • Makeup rocks.
    • What…?
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    When I get home I…

    • Go sit on the sofa thinking that my life is horrid.
    • Make sure I don’t look a mess.
    • Sit in my room crying or injuring myself.
    • Go and put a load of makeup and straighten my hair.

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