What Do Your Color Preferences Say About You?

  • Question of

    Black or white?

    • Black
    • White
  • Question of

    Red or blue?

    • Red
    • Blue
  • Question of

    Orange or green?

    • Orange
    • Green
  • Question of

    For home decor: bright & vibrant, or pale & neutral colors?

    • Bright & Vibrant
    • Pale & Neutral
  • Question of

    For daily fashion: black & white, or very colorful?

    • Black & White
    • Very Colorful
    • A mix of both!
  • Question of

    For bridesmaid dresses: all the same color, a mix of the same basic color, or totally different colors?

    • Same Color
    • Mix Of Same Basic Colors
    • Totally Different Colors
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    Turquoise blue or sea foam green?

    • Turquoise Blue
    • Sea Foam Green
  • Question of

    Deep maroon or pale lavender?

    • Deep Maroon
    • Pale Lavender
  • Question of

    Colorful glitter, or all-silver sparkles?

    • Colorful
    • All-Silver
  • Question of

    Pearl, rose gold, or rich chocolate?

    • Pearl
    • Rose Gold
    • Rich Chocolate
  • Question of

    Which of the following colors do you HATE the most?

    • Brown.
    • Black.
    • Blue.
    • Red.
    • Pink.
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    If you had the power to change the colors of the world, what would the Earth look like?

    • A pink sky, purple grass, and blue trees.
    • A green sky, blue grass, and yellow trees.
    • A white sky, blue grass, and brown trees.
    • A purple sky, white grass, and orange trees.
    • A black sky, red grass, and gray trees.
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    Imagine a Beautiful looking cake, which is Gorgeous and is made up of pink and purple glitter! How do you feel about this cake?

    • This cake is non-edible to me and would be used as a decoration for my room.
    • This cake is too hard for me to imagine!
    • I would want to buy this cake for someone close to me.
    • This cake is unfinished to me and I would add more creativity to it.
    • I would eat this cake immediately!
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    If you could decorate your house using only one color for Halloween, which color would your Halloween decorations be made up of?

    • Purple.
    • Orange.
    • Green.
    • Red.
    • Black.
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    Take a look at your eye shadow pallets! Which of the following colors have you used the most of? (If you do not use eye shadow, please select N/A!)

    • Pink, Purple, or Blue.
    • Green, White, or Yellow.
    • Nude, Beige, or Brown.
    • Orange, Black, or Red.
    • N/A!

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