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    First of all, how do you look like?

    • I have got long, smooth, blond hair, blue/grey eyes and, I mean, I don`t wanna brag, but my shape is really good 😉
    • My hair is curly and almost black, just like my eyes…But anyway, why you do ask, I mean, you are sitting opposite of me, you can SEE me…?
    • I`m quite short, but sporty, with red hair, freckles and cute little dimples
    • Well, I have wavy brown hair, brown/hazel eyes and I am rather slim. My smile is cute, though.
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    Okay, interesting! How about your character?

    • I guess I`m uncomplicated, loyal, clever, funny and I can be a little evil at times.
    • I suppose I`m brave, extroverted and not afraid to share my opinion. In addition, I`m witty and it`s easy for me to make friends…except, maybe, with Slytherins…
    • Puuhh… I`ve got so many good traits, I don’t even know where to begin… I`m competitive, very popular and a great leader.
    • I am very open-minded, curious, intelligent and empathetic…but I usually don`t open up very quickly.
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    Have you got some negative personality traits?

    • No, I´m pretty much flawless! 😉
    • Of course, everyone does! I tend to overthink…and sometimes I can be too demanding or appear reserved and pride…
    • I have difficulties following rules and showing authorities respect, when I feel they don`t deserve it. Oh, and laziness… but I`m working on that one
    • Yeah, sometimes I`m kind of hyperactive and talk too much hihi… And it happens, that I intermeddle in things, that shouldn`t concern me…
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    In which of the four Hogwarts Houses do you belong?

    • I was put in Gryffindor with all my other friends, which is super cool! But Hufflepuff wouldn´t have been bad either.
    • That was very hard for the Sorting Hat to decide, I could`ve landed in every single one… In the end he put me in Ravenclaw, where I feel fine, but I also have good friends in every other Hogwarts House.
    • I am a very proud Slytherin, just like you, Draco! It`s so exciting, isn`t it? 😉
    • Slytherin, no doubt.
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    What about your blood?

    • Bloody hell, what a stupid question, that`s completely irrelevant!
    • I am a half blood.
    • I am a very proud pure blood, can`t you see it?
    • Pure blood
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    How do you think about your family?

    • I have got a huge family, loads of siblings and cousins, so it never gets boring…I love it!
    • I come from a very wealthy family and my parents would do anything for me. It`s great!
    • I am very close to my family and I truly love all of them, but sometimes they are just too annoying, especially my little sibling.
    • My parents work a lot and I am the only child, so I prefer to hang around with my friends…They understand me better.
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    What do you prefer to do in your spare time?

    • Mocking some first year students or the famous Harry Potter sounds like fun to me…
    • I really like shopping, gossiping and watching some hot Quidditch player from the Durmstrang Institute with my girls 😉
    • I love to play Quidditch or experience some cool adventures with my friends! Playing pranks on Mister Filch or Professor Snape doesn`t sound bad either, does it? 😉
    • For example, listening to music, reading, going out with friends… But I also LOVE to swim, to travel and to try out new things, such as tennis, surfing or even Quidditch 😉
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    If, right know, you could be anywhere in the (muggle) world, where would it be?

    • Definitely at a beautiful, endless, sandy beach… I love the sea and it`s sheer vastness!
    • I would probably be skydiving over the Sahara or climbing the Mount Everest… something like that!
    • I would be shopping and eating loads of fancy pastry in Paris! Such a romantic and glamorous city!
    • I would perhaps go on a Safari in Africa or camping in a tropical forest with my friends!
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    How would your perfect first date be?

    • The guy should come up with some cool surprise, like a picnic in the dungeons, or something like that.
    • Hmm… At a place, where we wouldn`t be disturbed and could talk in peace…maybe on top of the astronomy tower or at the lake at night? We could see the stars and the moon, that would be beautiful.
    • It would have to be something fun, like a Quidditch match of my favourite team with some butter beer and loads of jokes!: D
    • My date would pick me up with a bunch of red roses and we`d drive in his sports car to a fancy restaurant in the city 😉
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    What would you wear at the Yule Ball?

    • A long cream-coloured, off-the-shoulder dress and just a little bit of make-up. My hair would be open and natural.
    • A short dark green or blue dress, high heels and some silver jewelry. And some smokey eyes 😉
    • I would wear a beautiful red halter-neck dress, red high heels, pearl jewelry and a glamorous make-up! My curls would be pinned-up.
    • A cute dress in a light colour and flat shoes (if not, I`d trip). Probably some sort of braids, little earrings and no make-up. At the end of the day it`s about dancing and having fun, isn`t it? 😉
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    What would you do if Draco kissed you at the Yule Ball?

    • What a question! I`d slap him immediately and scream who the hell he thought he was!
    • Ehm… I would be kind of shocked and blush and MAYBE I would kiss him back… if it felt good…
    • Omg, I would probably be the happiest girl in Hogwarts and drag him right to the dormitories!
    • Wow… I would push him back and ask him if he had completely lost his mind…
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    What do you think about Draco Malfoy?

    • He´s quite loyal to his friends and family, which I appreciate. Besides, he knows how to earn respect from people and that’s handy.
    • Draco Malfoy is hot! I mean, look at his hair! And the manor he lives in! Adorable! I bet his parents would love me 😉
    • Everyone thinks he`s just that spoiled, arrogant bully, and I see where they come from. But in my opinion, that`s all due to his father and I reckon Draco could be so much more, if he only had someone to open up to, to trust, you know?
    • Draco Malfoy? He`s the biggest moron Hogwarts has ever seen! Thinks he`s better just because of his pure blood, what a crap! No wonder he became a death eater!
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    And last but not least, what do you think about Harry Potter?

    • Harry, Ron and Hermione are one of my closest friends! They are super friendly, humble and it never gets boring around them!
    • I don`t really know him personally, but he seems to be nice. I`d like to understand why Draco hates him that much…
    • Uuhh…he`s nothing but a loser, who`s desperate for attention…that’s all
    • Ahh, the famous Harry Potter and his little fan club…Frankly, Draco is much hotter…and wealthier…and a pure blood…

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