What Does Your Palm Say About Your Love Life?

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    Which hand is your dominant hand?

    • My right one
    • My left one
    • I’m fairly ambidextrous.
    • My left hand is dominant in some things, and my right is dominant in others.
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    Take a look at your dominant hand. How many horizontal lines on your palm do you see underneath your pinky finger?

    • One
    • Five or more
    • Three to Four
    • Two
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    Which of these best describes the lines under your pinky?

    • At least one dips upward.
    • At least one has a fork at the end of it.
    • There are at least two roughly parallel to each other.
    • At least one dips downward.
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    The deeper crease that runs along the top portion of your palm is called the heart line. How long is this line?

    • Very long: It extends to the index finger or even further.
    • Average length: It extends about to the middle finger.
    • Below average: It lies somewhere between the middle and pinky fingers.
    • Very short: It doesn’t extend past the pinky.
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    Does your heart line exhibit any forks near the end?

    • Yes, there are three.
    • Yes, there are two.
    • Yes, there is one.
    • No, there are none.
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    Your “head line” is the large crease located below the heart line, at around the middle of the palm. What is yours like?

    • Straight (represents someone who is logical and detail-oriented)
    • Forked (represents someone who likes to debate and can see both sides of an issue)
    • Curved (represents someone who trusts their very strong intuition)
    • Very faint (represents someone who is a daydreamer)
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    In which direction does your heart line curve?

    • It’s perfectly straight.
    • It curves downward.
    • It curves upward.
    • It curves both up and down.
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    Is your heart line broken or fully intact?

    • It’s not broken.
    • It has a large gap.
    • It has a small gap near the start.
    • It has a gap under the ring finger.
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    Some heart lines are shaped liked an iron chain. Is yours?

    • Yes
    • No
    • The start or end of the line features a chain.
    • The middle of the line has a chain.
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    Some heart lines have small triangles above or below them. Does yours have a triangle?

    • No
    • I have two: one above and one below the line.
    • I have one above the line.
    • I have one below the line.
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    Does your palm have a double heart line?

    • No
    • Yes
    • Sort of, but one’s much shorter than the other.
    • Yes, but the second one is very, very faint.
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    A feathered heart line (with a faint, short lines both above and below it) reveals someone who is very passionate. Do you have either of these lines?

    • My heart line is feathered.
    • My heart line is not feathered.
    • My heart line has feathers below the line.
    • My heart line has feathers above the line.
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    As they say, X marks the spot. Does your heart line have an X on it?

    • No
    • It has multiple Xs.
    • It almost has a complete X, but it’s very faint.
    • Yes
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    Now, face your palms toward you, with your pinkies touching. When comparing your hands side-by-side, which one has a higher heart line?

    • Both lines align perfectly (meaning you are very gentle and pure-hearted).
    • The left line is higher (meaning you tend to be a fighter who loves a challenge in love).
    • The right line is higher (meaning you have an old soul and may gravitate toward older individuals in love).
    • I can’t tell. They seem very close in height.
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    When comparing all the lines on your left and right palms, do they look mostly similar or totally different?

    • Very similar (meaning you have mostly done what your genetics intended)
    • Very different (meaning you have made many important choices that go against your instincts)
    • Somewhere in the middle.
    • The major creases are fairly similar, but the small lines vary greatly.

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