What Emotion Lies Behind Your Smile?


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    What emotion do you feel when you wake up?

    • Fear; something bad will happen today… as always…
    • Tiredness; I want to go back to sleep.
    • Pain; I’m not ready to meet the people who will hurt me once more…
    • Confident; Today will be a great day!
    • Irritated; I’m not ready to see my enemy again today.
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    How is your heart currently?

    • Badly shattered… I don’t know how much I can take before it just falls apart.
    • Cracked… I feel so much hatred to a few people / one particular person.
    • I feel no emotions currently.
    • A bunch of cracks… who should I trust?
    • Adulation! I feel nothing but love! / Happily Healed.
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    How do you feel most of the day?

    • Alone. Where is everyone? Why did they abandon me?
    • Happy! I have no reason to feel sad!
    • Scared. Something is going to happen…
    • Irritated. I want to scream, but where and how should I?
    • Normal. Nothing really ever happens…
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    Do you keep your secrets locked away?

    • I hide everything that could possibly make someone feel dread or worry.
    • I hide all my secrets. They shall never be released.
    • I really have no secrets that nobody knows about!
    • Not really, but I do have some revenge ideas hidden away.
    • Lol, why would you ask that? Of COURSE not!
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    Given the 2 colors, which one could represent your emotions right now?

    • Bright Colors / Baby Colors (baby blue, baby pink, etc..)
    • Fiery Colors / Blood Red
    • Generic Colors, like orange, yellow…
    • White / Grey
    • Black / Dark Red
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    Has anyone physically hurt you?

    • Yes, of course. It hurts badly.
    • No, I don’t let stuff happen like that to me.
    • No, because they know better.
    • Sometimes I will be beaten.
    • No! I’m too nice for that!
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    Has anyone ever emotionally hurt you?

    • It happens everyday, and I don’t know how much more I can take.
    • LOL. No.
    • Yes, but I don’t feel sadness whatsoever. I will get back at them for this.
    • Yes, and it leaves a scar in my brain that I won’t be able to forget.
    • Nope! I don’t ever be mean to anyone, so why would they be mean to me?
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    What do you wish?

    • That my loved ones will never leave me alone.
    • Honestly, someone will just stop making me fear the next day.
    • I could kill someone and get away with it.
    • This quiz was just done… It’s so freaking boring / dumb.
    • Someone will just stop and listen for one minute of what I really feel.
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    Where do you cry?

    • I cry in front of people I trust, which is very little people.
    • I usually don’t cry, but if I do it’s usually in front of people.
    • I don’t cry. Crying is for wussies.
    • In front of people mostly. I don’t care what they think.
    • I never cry in front of other people.
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    What weather describes your mood currently?

    • Rainy / Stormy.
    • Completely cloudy, no sun for me..
    • Lightning storm! Hopefully my enemy is struck. (me: dang that’s harsh. but whatever floats your boat.)
    • Cool breeze. Something relaxxxxinggg…
    • Sunny day!
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    Are you good at hiding feelings from others?

    • No, I have nothing to hide! c:
    • Sort of. (optional: I sometimes end up yelling at someone.)
    • Of course, I hide feelings like nothing is wrong.
    • No, because I always tell people how I feel.
    • Yes, but I only tell certain people my feelings.
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    When your friends look in your eyes, what do you think they see?

    • Scars, from the fear that haunts me.
    • Nothing, they think I’m perfectly normal.
    • They see scar-like pain in my eyes.
    • They see stress, or anger.
    • Love! They see the love I have for everyone.
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    Do you sleep good at night?

    • I sleep normally. In perspective, about 9-10 hours a night.
    • I sleep great and wake up refreshed!
    • Yes, I get about 8-10 hours per night.
    • No, I get about 5-8 hours per night.
    • I don’t sleep / I get about 1-4.
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    Are you a heavy sleeper?

    • Not at all.
    • I’m not really a ‘heavy’ sleeper, but it is hard to wake me up.
    • Somewhat.
    • Not really.
    • Yes, pretty heavy.
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    What do you feel before you go to bed?

    • Irritated.
    • Love.
    • Tiredness.
    • Fear.
    • Pain.

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