What Era Should You Have Lived In?



There are many people who live in their past and they don’t realize that they are wasting their time. Sure, remembering the past is necessary since it helps people to remember who they are but living there is simply not healthy for your health. We should get over our past and work towards our goals.

We should also free ourselves from regret. It slowly kills people from inside. Sometimes it is hard for many people to get over it but they could certainly get over it if they want to. They should understand the fact that they cannot change the past and they should focus on their present. It also looks necessary from the perspective that we humans live a very short life and a few hundred years after our death nobody on Earth would even remember us. Therefore it absolutely doesn’t make any sense to live our life so miserably. We should get busy in our present life, pick up some hobbies, eat delicious food, and travel the world. These things might seem very shallow to some people but the fact is that we should try to remain happy as much as possible since we are so insignificant that our happiness and sadness doesn’t have any impact on the world. It is this meaningless that we all should find meaning in. Many of us waste our life finding the meaning of life while in reality there is no meaning at all. This is how the universe functions and we should accept it since we neither possess the intelligence nor the time to demystify the meaningless nature of the universe.

There are many people who don’t understand it and waste their entire life either by chasing someone else’s life or searching for the meaning of life. We should all find something to do that we like the most to pass time till death arrives. May you live a happy life.

“The most important thing that I learned from a decade of using the medical profession is that you need to supervise your doctors.”
― Steven Magee

“Based on what I saw over a decade of medical treatment, you may be in serious trouble if you do not have knowledge of human health and biomedical systems.”
― Steven Magee

“The fifties is a decade when every year is markedly different from the one before and after. That doesn’t happen every decade. 1983 isn’t that much different from 1986. But 1953 is very different from 1956.”
― Sara Sheridan

“At the age of 45, most days in Tucson were spent feeling like I was on the summit of Mauna Kea, as I was exhibiting debilitating health symptoms that corresponded to what I saw at very high altitude. I was later to find that I had erratic low blood oxygen levels after almost a decade of high altitude work.”
― Steven Magee

“After a decade of working in high altitude astronomy the medical profession discovered that I had a hole in my heart, erratic low blood oxygen levels and brain issues. Heart, lung and brain problems appear to be long term known adverse health aspects of high altitude work and unnatural electromagnetic radiation exposures.”
― Steven Magee, Health Forensics

“At the age of 46 I was starting to see the appearance of rainbow halos and starbursts around bright nighttime lights, problems reading small print, focusing issues with my eyes, and image recognition issues. I had been exposed to bright high powered 20 watt scattered sodium LASER light a decade earlier in very high altitude astronomy.”
― Steven Magee

“After a decade of using the medical profession, I had concluded that it was much better to research your own sickness using the internet and books, and to self treat with over the counter drugs, supplements and commercially available biomedical devices.”
― Steven Magee

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  • Question of

    What is your favorite way to past the time?

    • Reading a great book
    • Watching Tv
    • Dancing
    • Browsing the internet
    • Other
  • Question of

    What is your sense of style like?

    • Chic and sleek
    • Comfortable and cute
    • Edgy and cool
    • Fancy and Made Up
    • Other
  • Question of

    What’s your preferred choice of transport?

    • A car that’s multi-functional and reliable
    • A nice classic car
    • Public Transport
    • Walking
    • Other
  • Question of

    Favorite Season?

    • Autumn
    • Winter
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • None
  • Question of

    Favorite childhood activity?

    • Coloring pictures
    • Watching Saturday cartoons
    • Playing video games
    • Spending the day outside
    • Other
  • Question of

    Favorite genre of music

    • Bouncy pop
    • Rock and roll
    • Alternative
    • Disco
    • Other
  • Question of

    If you were to host a party, where would we find you?

    • Being the life of the party
    • Being a gracious host
    • With your friends, chatting up a storm
    • Hiding away from all the chaos
    • Other
  • Question of

    If you had to fit into a clique, which would be your ideal one?

    • The peppy group
    • The gothic group
    • The nerdy group
    • The sporty group
    • Other
  • Question of

    What’s your favorite book to read?

    • To Kill A Mockingbird
    • Grimm’s fairy tale
    • Great Gatsby
    • The Giver
    • Other
  • Question of

    What can’t you live without?

    • My phone
    • Internet connection
    • Books to read
    • Video Games
    • Other
  • Question of

    How prepared are you for a global disaster?

    • I’m a prepper.
    • I could be more prepared.
    • I’m getting more prepared all the time.
    • I’m not all that prepared.
  • Question of

    Which royal court job would be right for you?

    • Queen.
    • King.
    • Court Jester.
    • Knight.
  • Question of

    How tech savvy are you?

    • I’m not all that tech savvy.
    • I’m learning more every day.
    • I’m really good with computers.
    • I can keep up.
  • Question of

    Which modern day device would you have a hard time living without?

    • Dishwasher.
    • Smart phone.
    • Microwave.
    • Shower.
  • Question of

    Which part of yourself do you trust the most?

    • Creativity.
    • Instincts.
    • Logic.
    • Faith.

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