What Feeling Is Hidden Behind Your Smile?


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    How do you mostly feel?

    • Talking about your problems and how you feel.
    • Alert, what will they do next time?
    • Satisfied, I feel loved/special.
    • I just want to scream… But how can I?
    • Alone… I always end up lost.
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    How is your heart?

    • Cracked. It will fall to pieces soon.
    • Shattered, from all the pain I’ve suffered.
    • Confused, who can I trust?
    • A couple of cracks here and there but, okay.
    • Happy/Healed
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    Are you lonely?

    • Nope, but sometimes I get bored.
    • Yes, I try not to show it.
    • Not really, but a trustworthy person would be nice.
    • All the time, Nobody really cares…
    • Never! I’m supported by wonderful people!
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    What do you wish for?

    • Someone would stop tormenting me…
    • Someone would listen to me for once!
    • They would all suffer from all the pain they’ve cost me.
    • My loved ones would always stay close to me.
    • I wish I knew how to answer…
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    Where do you cry?

    • Cry? I NEVER cry!
    • I have NO reason to cry…
    • Anywhere, when I’m too happy or a loved one dies.
    • In front of people I love. <3
    • Alone, no one sees my tears. ;[
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    Your phone breaks… Now what?

    • Well, I had a phone.
    • Oh no, my parents will kill me!
    • Throw it on the ground… Duh.
    • Cry!
    • Mum, Dad, Can I have a new phone?
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    Do you keep to yourself?

    • Yeah, I have some revenge ideas!
    • No way! How could anyone do that?
    • Occasionally. I always have someone to talk to, though!
    • Yes! My precious secrets!
    • I hide everything that could cause anyone pain or worry.
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    Has anyone ever physically hurt you?

    • Not really…
    • Yes, I may get beaten sometimes…
    • Nope, only by accident!
    • Nope, I don’t remember…
    • Emotionally, not physically!
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    What colour represents you right now?

    • White – Invisible to everyone.
    • Red – Full of emotions!
    • Purple – Something bad is going to happen, as always!
    • Black – I just want to shut everyone out!
    • I don’t know I feel normal!
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    What do you feel before you fall asleep?

    • Love
    • Fear
    • Pain
    • Tiredness
    • Anger

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