What Food Related Hobby Should You Take Up?

Seasoning memes and fad foods come and go, but honing your culinary skills never goes out of style. Take centre stage at dinner parties with these seven super-fun food-related hobbies that will keep you busy all season.

Mastering the Art of Homemade Bread Baking
Many bakeries and boulangeries offer artisan bread lessons, where students can learn to make tangy sourdough boules to buttery brioche loaves. Flour Water Salt Yeast, by Ken Forkish, is the bread bible coveted by carb zealots everywhere if you want to keep up with your training at home.

Find out how to butcher
Breaking down your own meat has a certain allure, not to mention the fact that buying whole sides of beef or pork and trimming your own cuts saves you money in the long run. With a good boning or fillet knife and Adam Danforth’s James Beard Award-winning butchering guide, you’ll be able to master Tom Colicchio’s show-stopping porcelet roast in no time.

Make Your Own Dinnerware from Ceramic
Top restaurants are increasingly using expensive, handcrafted ceramics in their dining rooms, and you can easily join in the fun by throwing a few yourself at a nearby pottery workshop. Even if you don’t have the skills to create a beautiful Jono Pandolfi-style item, telling your guests that you made both the dinner and the dinner plates will earn you extra points.

Homemade Hard Cider Fermentation

Sure, you may join the horde of homebrewing hipsters bottling their own craft beers, but bring a growler of homemade hard cider and you’ll be sure to get some attention. Although a fancy Alchema does a lot of the work for you, picking up a copy of Emma Christensen’s all-encompassing guide, True Brews, by food writer and cider aficionado Emma Christensen is a perfect way to get started on your first batch.

Obtain your Sommelier Certification
Don’t be put off by the wine-sipping prodigies depicted in Somm; being a level one-certified sommelier only requires a basic understanding of the world’s major wine-growing regions. Leave the wild blind taste-testing to the professionals.

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