What guy is your type

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    What would you be doing on a Friday night?

    • At home binge watching your favorite TV shows and eat tubs of ice cream
    • At the dance studio finishing of the choreo, as he gets food for you to eat
    • In bed sleeping… You just want to sleep.
    • Party with bae and friends
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    Favourite Combination

    • Blonde hair, brown/hazel eyes, light/tan skin
    • Blonde hair, blue eyes light/tan skin
    • Dark or light brown hair, Blue or grey eyes, light/tan skin
    • Dark hair, Green eyes, Tan/light skin
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    First thing you notice? What do you most likely to think?

    • Build (Body build) and eyes, ‘Damn I would smack that’
    • Smile, and eyes. ‘Damn his eyes are so sexy’
    • Structure of face, and/or hair and/or eyes, ‘He seems like a model’
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    What would be your dream date?

    • Movie night at home, cuddling up, and having pizza
    • A candle lit dinner on a beach with rose petals
    • Rack climbing, laser tag, and/or paintball fight
    • Swimming under the stars
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    • Yeah… if I love the person I’m with, and MARRIED
    • Yes…. I want a big family
    • Not right away, I want to travel experience life
    • No way I don’t like kids
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    Money…. Is it important?

    • No, I’ll take life as it comes
    • Sometimes, as long as I got everything I need
    • Yes, it’s my life
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    What will happen if he cheated?

    • Ask why through the tears
    • Kick him out. Stuff him you’re too good for him
    • Make him leave, but meet up later when more stable, to ask why
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    Love at first sight? Is it real?

    • No, that’s judging before you dig deeper, there might be gold hidden within or just coal
    • If you a werewolf
    • If you count lust at first sight
    • Yes, if you only want appearance
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    Where would you like to live?

    • Country
    • Island life
    • City
    • Suburb
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    Favourite type of book

    • Teen-Fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Fiction
    • Comedy
    • Romance
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    Favourite TV show

    • That 70’s Show
    • Power Puff girls
    • Pretty Little liars
    • Family Guy
    • Teen Wolf
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    Favourite Disney movie

    • Mulan
    • Zapped
    • High School Musical
    • Alice and wonderland
    • Lion King
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    If you could have any pet what would it be?

    • Cat
    • Rabbit
    • Dog
    • Horse
    • Tiger
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    Can you handle crowds?

    • No
    • Yes
    • Occasionally… If it’s not too big
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    What type of these are you?

    • A morning person, You love the mornings, you love to wake up and get ready for the day
    • A party animal, you love partying and clubbing
    • A night owl, you stay up all night, also meaning you’re not a morning person
    • A jock, you’re an athlete
    • A nerd (you like school and studying)

What kind of guy matches your personality?

What kind of guy will you be married to?