What guy suits you? Girls only please!

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    Which one’s your favourite color?

    • Pink
    • Blue
    • Black
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    What do you usually doodle about in class?

    • My dream guy
    • I usually doodle when NOT in class
    • I don’t doodle. Anywhere
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    What do you decorate your locker with?

    • Celebrities and pets!
    • Sports signatures and homework notices
    • Rock bands and vampires
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    What do you dress in for school?

    • My mini-dress and Heels! You can never go wrong in that!
    • Whatever’s in
    • Jeans and a T-shirt
    • None of the above
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    How do you organize your study table?

    • Neat and tidy
    • Pencils at one side and paper at the other side so I can work in the middle
    • Neat at the top but messy underneath
    • None of the above
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    Are you involved in stuff?

    • Yes! I am in the popular group!????
    • Sort of….
    • No
    • Yes
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    What type of music do you like?

    • Pop
    • Rock
    • Classical
    • Whatever’s new
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    What job do you want to get in a play?

    • The main character
    • The stage director
    • The costume designer
    • Whatever’s left
    • None of any jobs
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    What do you think your test result is?

    • I think probably A popular guy
    • Probably Preppie
    • Nerd
    • Goth/Emo
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    Do you think you will like the result?

    • Yes!
    • Maybe…
    • Depends
    • NO
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    What type of guy would you go for?

    • Fun and preppy
    • Geeky and smart
    • Athletic
    • Daredevil
    • Sweet and shy
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    What color do you prefer?

    • Red
    • Pink
    • Purple
    • Blue
    • Green
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    Where would you want him to take you?

    • Concert
    • Amusement park
    • Romantic dinner
    • Study at the library
    • Sporting event
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    What kind of animal do you like?

    • Snake
    • Dog
    • Horse
    • Gerbil
    • Dolphin
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    What career do you want him to have?

    • Doctor
    • Musician
    • Athlete
    • Business man
    • Artist
  • Question of

    Where did you meet him?

    • At the library
    • The beach
    • A party
    • An alley
    • At a game
  • Question of

    What kind of gift did you get from him?

    • Jewelry
    • A book you wanted
    • Chocolate and a big teddy bear
    • Nothing
    • Tickets to a game
  • Question of

    How would he propose?

    • Hid the ring in your favorite dessert
    • Nervously and trying to find the ring
    • During halftime at a game
    • He or you doesn’t want to get married
    • On a rollercoaster
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    What would you like him to do for you?

    • Help you with homework
    • Work out with you
    • Spend the whole day with you
    • Something illegal
    • Do fun and crazy things
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    What is something you don’t mind about him?

    • Focuses on school most of the time
    • Clingy and emotional
    • Stubborn and rude
    • Checks out other girls
    • Spends more time playing sports

What type of guy should you date?

What is your type? (girls only)